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Mon 28 September 2020
Books of interest to MacRaes

Over the years there have been a surprising number of books published that are potentially of interest to MacRaes. Some of these are still available while others are out of print. However, many of the latter can still be sourced through second-hand booksellers and the names and addresses of several such dealers are listed at the end of this section.

Where prices are quoted, they are those marked on books that have been purchased within the past five years and may not be current. SB=Softback, HB=Hardback.

If you know of any other books that you think should be listed, please contact us through the General Enquiries form.

A Hundred Years in Wester Ross
by Donald Shaw
The story of how life has evolved in Wester Ross during the 20th Century. Amply illustrated with black and white photographs and containing a wealth of interesting anecdotes.
Format : SB, A4, 90pp
Published : D Shaw, 2002
ISBN : 0 9543691 0 6
Price : £12.50
Availability : Available in some bookshops and gift shops, particularly in Wester Ross

A Short History of the Mathesons and of Lochalsh, Also Kintail and the MacRaes
by Iain Matheson
A history of the Mathesons of the Lochalsh and Kintail area in which they and the MacRaes lived and continue to live.
Format : SB, 112pp
Published : Iain Matheson, 2006
ISBN : 0955235707
Price : £12.00
Availability : Available from

Battlefield Walks, Scotland
by David Clark
An account of 11 Scottish Battles, from Bannockburn to Culloden, including a chapter on Sheriffmuir and reference to the part played in the Battle by the Clan MacRae. Each chapter is followed by detailed instructions for a Battlefield Walk, complete with OS map references.
Format : SB, A5, 166pp
Published : Sutton Publishing, 1996
ISBN : 0 7509 0261 2
Price : £9.99
Availability : Hard to find

Battles in Britain, 1642-1746
by William Seymour
Includes comprehensive accounts of the battles of Sheriffmuir and Glenshiel, with an interesting photographic overview of the supposed positions of the rival armies at Sheriffmuir. Other Jacobite battles covered include Preston, Prestonpans, Falkirk and Culloden.
Format : HB, 230pp
Published : Book Club Associates, London, 1975
ISBN : 0 283 98273 X
Price : Unknown
Availability : Unknown

Battles of the '45
by Katherine Tomasson and Francis Buist
No direct reference to MacRaes but a useful description of the Battles of the 45 and the background of the Jacobite Rebellions.
Format : SB, 223pp
Published : Pan Books, 1962, 1974
ISBN : 0 330 30035 0
Price : Unknown
Availability : Unknown

Christopher and Catherine McRae

A Family History compiled by descendants of Christopher and Catherine, with references to approximately 3500 family members.
Format : HB, 284pp
Published : Southern Historical Press, 1997
ISBN : Unknown
Price : US$40
Availability : Available from John McRae

Clan MacRae, Your Clan Heritage
by Alan McNie
A brief history of the Clan MacRae amply illustrated with period drawings.
Format : SB, A5, 34pp
Published : Cascade Publishing, 1986
ISBN : 0 907614 96 5
Price : £2.99
Availability : Available in tourist outlets

Donald Dinnie
by David Webster and Gordon Dinnie
An account of the life of Donald Dinnie, probably the greatest athlete that Scotland has ever produced. Include are several references, with a photograph, to his long time rival, Kenneth McRae.
Format : HB, 158pp
Published : Ardo Publishing, 1999
ISBN : 0 9536596 0 7
Price : £12.95
Availability : Should still be available from some bookshops.

From Kintail to Carolina
by Donald MacRae
An attempt to trace the ancestry of the many MacRaes who left Kintail during the second half of the 18th century and settled in Carolina
Format : SB, 95pp
Published : 1976
ISBN : Unknown
Price : Unknown
Availability : Hard to find

Glenelg, Kintail and Lochalsh, Gateway to the Isle of Skye
by Roger Miket
A historical introduction to the area, well illustrated with photographs and drawings.
Format : SB, A5, 80pp
Published : MacLean Press, 1998
ISBN : 1 899272 05 4
Price : £8.95
Availability : Still to be found in bookshops

Highland and Other Recipes
by Robert McDonald
Contains many favourites (including Haggis). In all 137 recipes, and these are all plain and economical. Includes starters, soups, fish, meat and supper dishes, a Highland selection, puddings, cakes, biscuits, bread, chutneys and marmalade, confectionary and beverages.
Format : Card covers, 210x 50 mm, 35pp
Published : The Lossie Printers, Scotland, 1992
ISBN : Unknown
Price : Unknown
Availability : Unknown

Inglorious Rebellion, The Jacobite Risings of 1708, 1715 and 1719
by Christopher Sinclair-Stevenson
An attempt to span the 18 dramatic years from the death of James 11 until the collapse of the 3rd Jacobite Rising. Includes an account of the Battle of Glenshiel and the destruction of Eilean Donan.
Format : HB, 212pp
Published : St. Martins Press, New York, 1972
ISBN : Unknown
Price : Unknown
Availability : Hard to find.

Isolation Shepherd
by Ian Thomson
A fascinating account of the years that the author spent shepherding in the remote Loch Monar area in the late 1950’s, early 1960's. This was very much MacRae country and gives an in depth insight as to how our forebearers must have lived. It also tells the story of Hamish Mor, perhaps the most famous of illicit whisky distillers and, of course, a MacRae!
Format : SB, 187pp
Published : Bidean Books, 1983, 1991
ISBN : 094 6597 022
Price : £8.50
Availability : Still to be found in some bookshops and gift shops, particularly in Wester Ross

Kintail, Balmacara & The Falls of Glomach
by George Scott-Moncrieff
National Trust for Scotland booklet giving an overview of the Kintail, Balmacara and Falls of Glomach areas.
Format : SB, 24pp
Published : National Trust for Scotland, 1965.
ISBN : Unknown
Price : Unknown
Availability : Unknown

Last Ferry to Skye
by Christopher Uncles
A Collection of early black and white postcards and photographs with additional text, depicting life on Skye in the late 19th and early 20th Centuries. Contains a number of views of Kyle of Lochalsh.
Format : SB, A4, 96pp
Published : Stenlake Publishing, 1995
ISBN : 1 872074 60 X
Price : £8.95
Availability : May still be found in bookshops and gift shops in Wester Ross.

MacRaes to America
by Cornelia W. Bush
A Brief History of the Clan MacRae / McRath of Scotland and Ireland plus American Census Records for 68 Spelling Variants of the Name, Arranged by State and by First Name in Chronological Order
Format : SB, 632pp (CD 872pp searchable PDF files)
Published : 2006, Heritage Books
ISBN : SB 1-59715-025-8, CD 0-7884-3371-7
Price : SB $40.00 +P&P, CD $24.95 +P&P
Availability : From the Author at or

MacRaes to New Zealand
by Molly Akers
A staggering detailed record of MacRaes with kin who emigrated to New Zealand. With over 4000 indexed surnames this 474 page volume took over 12 years to compile. Genealogies were gathered from 450 contacts, many traced back to the 14th Century. An 80 page supplementary index is also available.
Format : HB/SB
Published : Unknown
ISBN : Unknown
Price : HB £23. SB £15. Index £3.00. All +P&P
Availability : Available direct from Molly Akers in NZ or the Clan Shop in Scotland

McCrae's Battalion: The story of the 16th Royal Scots (see Article)
by Jack Alexander
McCrae’s Battalion tells the story of the enlistment of the Heart of Midlothian players who signed up in 1914. A potential championship winning side who put all aside for the cause.
Format : HB, 338pp
Published : Mainstream Publishing
ISBN : 1840187077
Price : Unknown
Availability : All good bookshops

by John Prebble
An account of the difficult days between 1743 and 1804 when the clansmen of the Highland Regiments were subjected to such appalling treatment that 16 Regiments mutineed. A number of references to MacRaes, in particular to the Affair of the Wild MacRaes, when the men of the 78th Lord Seaforth’s Regiment staged what was to be the only successful mutiny in the history of the British Army.
Format : SB, 541pp
Published : Penguin, 1977
ISBN : Unknown
Price : Unknown
Availability : Unknown

Old Ways through Wester Ross
by Christopher Uncles
A collection of early black and white postcards and photographs with additional text. Included are some 34 cards of MacRae Country including a view of Eilean Donan in 1901.
Format : SB, A4, 96pp
Published : Stenlake Publishing, 1999
ISBN : 1 84033 048 1
Price : £12.95
Availability : Available in some book/gift shops, particularly in Wester Ross

Over to Skye before the Bridge
by Bob Charnley
A collection of early black and white postcards and photographs with additional text. Include are some 25 cards of ‘MacRae Country’, including one showing the crowd at the opening of the newly restored Eilean Donan Castle.
Format : SB, A4, 99pp
Published : Clan Books, 1995
ISBN : 1 873597 03 7
Price : £7.50
Availability : Unknown

Stories of Kintail
by Donald MacRae
A collection of 12 Stories of Kintail, based on the Historic Ardintoul and Letterfearn Manuscripts. Contains a few references to MacRaes.
Format : SB, A5, 32pp
Published : 1978
ISBN : Unknown
Price : Unknown
Availability : Hard to find.

The Battle of Sheriffmuir
by Bill Inglis
A story of the battle based on eye-witness accounts.
Format :
Published : Stirling Council Libraries
Price : £3.50 (UK P&P £1.30p)
Availability : Available from Carol-Ann Cattigan, Library HQ, Borrowmeadow Road, Springkerse Industrial Estate, Stirling, FK7 7TN. Telephone 01786 432385

The Clan MacRae, The Scattered Children of Kintail
by Donald MacRae
A pocket sized history of the Clan, including some well known clan illustrations
Format : SB, 32pp
Published : Johnstone & Bacon
ISBN : 0 7179 4547 2
Price : £2.50 (UK P&P 50p)
Availability : Available from the Clan Shop

The Clan MacRae, with its Roll of Honour and of Service in the Great War
by Ella MacRae-Gilstrap
Complilation of the names of the MacRaes who server and gave their lives in the Great War, including MacRaes from the Commonwealth and from America.
Click here for more details
Format : HB, 256pp
Published : Rosemount Press, Aberdeen, 1924
ISBN : Unknown
Price : Click above for details
Availability : Very hard to find!

The History of the Clan MacRae
by the Reverend Alex MacRae
First published in 1899, this comprehensive book has recently been reprinted by the Clan MacRae Society of North America. More information soon.
Format : HB
Published : (Originally) A.M. Ross & Co. Dingwall, 1899
ISBN : Unknown
Price : Unknown
Availability : Reprint from the Clan MacRae Society of NA

The MacRaes
by Harry Conroy
Another pocket sized history of the Clan, including some well known clan illustrations
Format : SB, 32pp
Published : Lang Syne Publishers
ISBN : 1 85217 096 4
Price : £2.50 (UK P&P 50p)
Availability : Available from the Clan Shop

The Real McRae - The Autobiography of Britain’s Most Exciting Rally Driver
by Derek Alsopp & Colin McRae
Colin McRae was the youngest World Rally Champion ever. This book charts his dramatic and dangerous climb to the pinnacle of success. Colin talks about the skills, the speed, the danger, the friendships, the rivalries and the adrenalin.
Format : HB, 304pp
Published : Ebury Press
ISBN : 0091883962
Price : £7.99 + P&P
Availability : All good bookshops

Unforgettable Places to See Before You Die
by Steve Davey
This is not a travel guide, but an introduction into some of the most spectacular places on earth that can be visited in a regular 2 week holiday or less. Locations include Venice, the Grand Canyon and Ayers Rock, with the only UK entry being Eilean Donan Castle.
Format : SB, 256pp
Published : BBC Publishing, 2004
ISBN : 0563487461
Price : £18.99 + P&P
Availability : All good bookshops

Where to Walk in Kintail, Glenelg and Lochalsh
by Kintail Mountain Rescue Team
Contains twenty-eight walks in Kintail, Glenelg and Lochalsh.
Format : SB
Published : Kintail Mountain Rescue Team, 2002
ISBN : Unknown
Price : £3.00 + 50p P&P
Availability :

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