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Mon 28 September 2020
05 Feb 2009: Virtual Eilean Donan
5th February 2009
Virtual Eilean DonanLorraine McCrea has created a virtual Eilean Donan Castle in Second Life. For those not familiar with Second Life, it is an on-line recreational and educational cyberspace. Residents (about fifteen million at last count) can own property and businesses, can establish all sorts of sites and can interact with one another.

The space has its own economy in which residents can earn and spend Linden dollars, the local currency. Each person who joins the community is represented in the community by an 'avatar', an on-line visual representation of oneself, which can be modified in accord with one's tastes.

Lori sees her effort as educational and notes that, "Many people from all over the cyber globe visit this castle, and even those from Scotland think it is a very good recreation and are happy to see us there. I try to teach a little history about our Clan using the history of the castle."

Many young people are already familiar with Second Life, although they may not have found the Castle yet. If you're interested in looking into it, a basic membership is free - just go to and click on 'Get Started'. You'll have to select an on-line name and initial avatar and create a password. Once into Second Life, it's easy enough to search for Eilean Donan and to 'teleport' all the way there. The castle is remarkably detailed, even reproducing the World War I monument.

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