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Mon 28 September 2020
10 Dec 2008: CMS NA Reveals tartan
10 December 2008
The Clan MacRae Society of North America have revealed their new tartan.

"We are justly proud of our new Tartan" states Society president John MacRae-Hall, a color image of which appears here. The design has been approved by the Tartan Society and properly entered into the register of Tartans.

Some have asked, "Why bother to have another when there are so many of the traditional ones?" The answer is akin to that of Coats of Arms. There is a symbolic meaning to our new Tartan, which distinguishes it from other MacRae Tartans. The majority of the traditional tartans belong to families, for example the MacRae of Conchra, but they can also be of Districts, such as Aberdeen; organizations, such as the University of St Andrews; or military formations, such as the Black Watch Regiment.

Tartans may be worn by the members of a Clan in the same manner as Clan Crests, which are in fact a component of the Arms of the Chief, or Head of the recognized Household. In our Society Tartan, the MacRae "Sett" is used,of course, as the basis of construction. The colours used were not randomly chosen, but have significance, viz.: The Base colour is the light blue with a white stripe as in the Saltire Flag. There is a somewhat darker blue/grey that symbolizes the Ocean crossed by "The scattered children of Kintail". Then we have the Stronger blue that, in combination with the Red and White stripes, symbolizes the colours of "The Stars and Stripes" of our American Flag. Finally, the White Stripe is supported on each side by a lining of Gold. This represents the "Golden Opportunity" that this country has represented to its vast number of immigrants who came seeking a better and more prosperous life.

John MacRae-Hall
President, Clan MacRae Society of North America

See also article 'MacRae Tartans'

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