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Sat 23 March 2019
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I have noticed a couple of queries regarding a Macrae Chief. Firstly, why should Conchra do anything? They are the junior line. Secondly, the Clan Historian, Alexander Macrae MD, said in a statement to the "North Star" of 29 March, 1924. (This was/is a newspaper based in Inverness - has circulation in the Scottish Highlands). "Sir, In a recent issue of the 'North Star' I observed a letter in which reference was made to the 'Chief' of the Clan Macrae. All who are interested in the question of this chiefship ought to know once and for all that the question was gone into with great care and great length in the Court of Lyon King in December, 1908, and the following facts were established so conclusively as to leave no grounds for appeal.
1. No mention of a Macrae Chief of that name occurs in any historic document known to exist.
2. It was shown by the ecclesiastical statements submitted that some of those for whom chiefship was claimed were not the heads even of their own family, to say nothing of the whole Clan.
3. The Macraes were Seaforth's Clan in a closer sense than any branch or sept of the great Clan Mackenzie, and the Earls of Seaforth and their predecessors were the only chiefs the Macraes of Kintail ever acknowledged.
4. The Earls of Seaforth and their predecessors were for many generations owners of the whole of Kintail. The Macraes for whom chiefship is claimed were only Wadsetters, and not one of them was at any time owners of any part of the country which was the homeland of the Clan. Seaforth was the only owner, and therefore the only one that could be chief in that country.
These are facts as well established as any facts can be..."
You can read the rest of this letter in a copy of the 'Northern Star' 29 March, 1924.
Macraes were known as "Mackenzies shirt of mail".
Owning a castle (as certain members of Conchra do) does NOT a chief make. They only bought and restored the castle, which does not give them an automatic right to be chief. IF at any time there is a decision to make a Macrae chief, it should be from the 'senior' Macrae line of Inverinate. Seeing that Seaforth is chief, then this will never be. Being a HEAD of a family is a different thing, and that is perhaps as it should be, just a HEAD of each family line, that is, the head of Inverinate family, Conchra family, Torlysich family etc.
I dare say that this will unleash a hornets nest.

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