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Sat 16 February 2019
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Saturday 16 February 2019 at 11:40
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    The Clan Macrae Forum has been carefully designed to be as user-friendly and intuitive to use as possible. However, we have listed on this page a detailed explanation of each of the sections and procedures. If there is some aspect of the Forum with which you still require assistance, please do contact us.
  • Discussion Categories
    The main discussion categories are set by the Clan Macrae Society in Scotland and are shown on the homepage of the Forum. You can return to this page whenever you wish by clicking on ' Main Menu '. Suggestions for new categories can be e-mailed to us.
  • Posting New Queries
    You can post new queries within any category by clicking on ' New Query '. If you are within a category already, the destination of your query will be set automatically to that category, but this can be overridden simply by selecting a different category from the dropdown listbox. Please post your query once only in the most appropriate category.
  • Within these broad categories, you are free to post as many queries and replies to existing queries as you wish.
  • When adding queries or replies and for the enjoyment of others, please do compose your postings with due observance to spelling, grammer, punctuation and capitalisation. In particular, please do not post items all in upper case.
  • Our Editorial Role
    We wish to encourage lively debate within the Forum. To this end, we will participate in the Forum ourselves. For ease of recognition, queries and replies posted by the Clan Society are shown highlighted in a brighter colour. All other postings are by individuals outwith our control and represent the sole views and opinions of such individuals. We reserve the right to edit or delete all postings at our sole discretion.
  • Disclaimer
    The Clan Macrae Society bear no liability for the expressed views and opinions of other persons or organisations using this Forum. Your participation in this Forum, including the viewing of postings, is at all times subject to your acceptance of this disclaimer.
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