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Thu 21 March 2019
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 Genealogy - Scottish Ancestors, Easter Ross
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My gggrandmother was Margaret MacRae married to Donald McCallum. They were married in Scotland and were residing in Canada in 1841. They named their second son Duncan. Using the naming patterns as a guide, I have searched for a Duncan with a daughter named Margaret (all variations of the name). I found one in Camus Luinie, County of Ross, with "Peggie" as the daughter of Duncan presented for christening on November 6, 1823. No mother's name is given. The age is correct for my gggrandmother. The first daughter of Margaret and Donald McCallum was named Catherine, so I'm thinking this probably was her mother's name. There are a number of children brought to christening by Duncan MacRae with no mother listed. (Possibly all died in childbirth?or was this a custom when there was no formal marriage?) A Duncan MacRae married a Flora MacRae in 1828, and she was designated his relict in a testament which puts his death date at October 6, 1865 in Camus Luinie. They had one child, Francis Humber, born in Glensheil on November 15, 1828. No other children of this union are listed. She indicates in the documents that he had written a last will and testament on October 2, 1865 but that she had been informed that it was not valid. I would be curious to know whether that Will possibly named Margaret (Peggie) and since she had married and moved to Canada the widow didn't want to give up the bairn's share. Children born to Margaret MacRae and Donald McCallum in Mosa Twp., Middlesex County, Ontario were Catherine 1/05/1841, Jeanette 12/14/1842, Neil 9/10/1843, Duncan 7/02/1847, Archibald 1849, Phillip 1850, and Mary Ann 11/10/1851. I would love to solve this one. Thanks for your help.

Query posted by : Marilyn Giese

22 Aug 2005 at 17.46
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