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Tue 19 March 2019
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Happy New to all the MacRae's! I was wondering who will be walking the Royal Mile with us at the 2009 Gathering and where would you be coming from? It will be Great to meet you all!!! Cheers from Vancouver, BC, Canada
Hope you can make it!!!
Gail McRae

Query posted by : Gail McRae

5 Jan 2009 at 23.50
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Ms. McRae: Nice to hear from our Northern brothers and sisters. My family, myself and wife and son and daughter-in-law and two grandkids will be marching along with two other friends. Look forward to meeting you and others at the exciting event. Colin McGowan (McRae on mothers side)

Reply posted by : Colin F. McGowan

6 Jan 2009 at 15.29
Hello Gail McRae I'm Rod MacRae from British Columbia. I am trying to find the time to get over to Inverness and Stornoway to lay my father to rest finally at home. Would you like toi talk before the summer? Maybe my son and I can get there for the gathering.He is twelve and high time ot take him ot his fathers ancestral home. He has already been to Japan (his Moms country of origin) Lets talk please. Thanks muchly. Rod

Reply posted by : Roderick MacRae

11 Jan 2009 at 18.42
I am very excited and proud to be participating in the Homecoming march along with my two sons, Duncan and Gregory. See you on the Mile!

Reply posted by : Greg Ray

13 Jan 2009 at 15.04
P.S. We are traveling from Panama City, Florida. 'Howdy' from the southern descendents of John MacRae of Walton County!

Reply posted by : Greg Ray

13 Jan 2009 at 15.08
Hi Gail, would love to hear from you. Owen MacRae White Rock .BC

Reply posted by : Owen MacRae

28 Jan 2009 at 22.37
I'm planning on a visit to Scotland to coincide with the 2009 Gathering this summer but would like more details on the dates and exact times of the walk on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh. Any information you could supply would be greatly appreciated - or the Webb site (other that this one) that I could get this information. Hope to make it!! Fiona Stackhouse (nee Macrae) Toronto, Ontario Canada

Reply posted by : Fiona (macrae)stackhouse

7 Feb 2009 at 19.41
For anyone wanting information on Scottish events this year the site below could be of interest. Lots of links if you dig arround.

Reply posted by : Tina Glen-riddell

16 Feb 2009 at 12.27
Hi Rob MacRae I sure hope you and your family will be able to attend the gathering in July. What a great time to meet Scotland. My McRae family was also from the Inverness, Harris area. We will be travelling up that way visiting relatives from our Moir,McRae & McNeill clan. If you want to get in touch my email is
Good luck to you and your family!!!
Gail McRae

Reply posted by : Gail McRae

2 Mar 2009 at 04.52
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