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Thu 24 January 2019
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I am looking for other descendants of Daniel McCray (c1745-1819) m. Sarah Nodding. They lived in Loudoun Co Virginia until about 1780, when they moved to Washington Co in what became Tennessee. I would be delighted to exchange information with "cousins."

Query posted by : Rebecca Ferrell

9 Mar 2005 at 22.39
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Rebecca, I am the fourth grandson of Daniel McCray and he is my Common Ancestor. Where
are you and what relation are you to Daniel?
How may I help you? Please let me hear from
you. Dick McCray

Reply posted by : Dick McCray

29 Nov 2005 at 17.16
Please accept my correction, I am The Fourth
Great Grandson of Daniel McCray and he is my
Common Ancestor.

Reply posted by : Dick McCray

29 Nov 2005 at 17.23
Hi, I am a descendant of Daniel and Sarah McCray through their daughter, Sarah, who married George Carroll Harris.

Reply posted by : Carol

18 Jan 2010 at 00.22
I am the 7th great granddaughter of Daniel McCray and Sarah Nodding through their son Charles. I would love to know if anyone has information on Daniel and Sarah's parents.

Reply posted by : Gina McGee

28 Jan 2017 at 18.34
Gina McGee, I have William MacRae as Daniel's father, mother unknown, and William Nodding, wife Mary UNKNOWN as Sarah's parents. I'm not sure without digging as to where I got this info.

Reply posted by : Carol Cowden

30 Jan 2017 at 03.58
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