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Thu 24 January 2019
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 Clan Macrae in the USA
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Robert and raymond were stow a ways from Scotland to Houston Texas in the early 1800's One was a fiddler, the other a blacksmith.They settled somewhere in Kentucky My great grandfather was Harrison McCray My grandpa was Robert Harley and he had a brother Grant born in Scotland who was oldest in the family. My dad was Arthur Mc Cray. I have 2nd cousins that went to visit the McCray castle several years ago they said, to a family McCray reunion.I would like to know more. Grant settled in Michigan, some in Ohio, some Kentucky,West Virginia,tenn, and Florida including Hollywood Calif. and my youngsters in Houston Texas

Query posted by : Delbert McCray

28 Mar 2005 at 07.06
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My great grandfather was John Harrison McCray
His dad was John Brown McCray born in Va USA
His dad was Sam McCray who came to the USA from Ulster, Ireland. This was as far as I got.
another report says Sams dad was Robert McCray who came to USA from Scotland...I would like to know more
Ps Grant was not born in Scotland.He was born in Jacson County Ohio USA

Reply posted by : Delbert McCray

23 Jul 2005 at 05.08
We'll you've got to be my grandfather. I met you for the first time in 23 years last year. I didnt know you were doing genealogy research? I am working on a website (HALLHISTORY.NET) to trace both HALL and MCCRAY lines. Hopefully I can help find more information by posting more specific info on my site when it comes up. I hope I get to see you again.. You can email me at My mom says she plans on going back to Ohio this year...

Reply posted by : Mark Hall

12 Aug 2005 at 06.44
I found out that none of the above was true
My family 7 generations back were from Edinborough and Kintail Castle in the 1700's Sam was son of james and Polly Mccoy and was born in North Ulster I aam of Sams downline

Reply posted by : Delbert McCray

22 Mar 2010 at 02.27
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