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Thu 24 January 2019
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I'm looking for any information on Daniel Mcrae (Called long Daniel) married to Sarah McKenzie (??) from Scotland and Catherine ?? (Possible Douglas in NC) - he had a son named Daniel Doughlas McRae who married Susan Catherine Nicholson - they had a son name William Farquard McRae - he married Mary Daniel Newton (Marlboro county, SC) - they had a daughter named Zola Mae McRae/sometimes spelled MacRae and she married John C Gibson -- they were my grandparents -- Grandma & Gransdaddy McRae lived in Roberdell, Richmond county, NC - but at some point granddaddy McRae worked in Robeson County and I believe it was for a man that they called Boss Strong - they both passed away long before I was born - so all I have is pictures of them - with some back ground info but not a whole lot.

I really would like more information if possible - I do Living History with my daughter and son-in-law (we work security) but in doing this I have built my persona around fact and fictrion - the fact being my Scotish ancestory of the name of Macrath (Celtic for todays McRae)

Thank You
aka: Lady Arial Macrath

Query posted by : Misty Rosenfeld

9 Jul 2005 at 23.27
The following replies have been posted in response to the above query. They are sorted chronologically according to the time of receipt, with the most recent at the end of the page.
Here is the little bit of information I have on "Long" Daniel.
I do know a Daniel McRae who was the son of Farquhar, but I want to be careful. The one I am thinking of was born about 1755. He died in 1843 in Richmond County, NC. His father was named Farquhar McRae and died with a will in Richmond County dated 1800 (widow named Ann.)
Daniel was also known as Long Daniel McRae (which is probably a reference to his height) and given your Alexander's reputation for great size, he could be the correct individual. However, Daniel did not die young and his wife did not remarry. He, in fact, married two different women. The first wife was named Sarah McKenzie [this fact is mentioned in the minutes of Pea River Presbyterian Church in Barbour Co., AL] and the second wife was named Catherine McDonald (she had been married prior to her marriage to Daniel and I am not sure what her actual maiden name was.) Long Daniel was a ruling elder of Mt. Carmel Presbyterian Church in Richmond County. There was a Long Daniel McRae Bible record. I have a typescript letter from early in the 20th century which gives the record as it was set down there, purportedly, but I've not seen the original record.

Here is what it says:

Alexander D. McRae b. 15 Nov 1796 [to Barbour Co., AL]
William McRae b. 8 Jan 1798 [to Barbour Co., AL]
Mary McRae b. 24 Apr 1800 [m. Daniel McDonald, to Barbour Co., AL]
Hugh McRae b. 24 Jan 1802 [one record says he died in GA]
Martha McRae b. 4 Aug 1804 [m. Malcolm McDonald, to Barbour Co., AL]
Isabella McRae b. 8 Aug 1806 [m. Daniel C. Currie, to Barbour Co., AL]
John L. McRae b. 14 Nov 1808 [m. Flora Ann McKay, remained in Richmond]
Daniel Douglas McRae b. 4 Mar 1811 [m. Mary Cameron, Sarah Catherine Nicholson, remained in Richmond Co.]
Sarah McRae (b. 8 May 1813)[single woman]
Flora McRae (b. 30 Jul 1815) [m. Hugh D. McRae of Anson Co., NC, son of
Red Daniel McRae (d. 1841)]
Ann McRae (b. 7 Nov 1820) [single woman]

Naturally, what is in brackets are my additions to the list, not part of the original record. Also in this Bible were, rather haphazardly recorded, the names of additional children without any birth dates, as if someone were trying to record them later from memory. My feeling is that the children listed above with dates were still young and still in the household or yet to be born when Catherine married Long Daniel. Some were Sarah's younger children and the remainder were Catherine's. The children listed without dates definitely belonged to Sarah and they were no longer living at home when Long Daniel married Catherine. Long Daniel was illiterate, judging by his mark on the will of 1844. Perhaps his first wife Sarah was illiterate as well and Catherine may have taken it upon herself to add further names of the older children. Here they are:

Alex McRae
Christian McRae
Margaret McRae
Catherine McRae
Duncan McRae
Farquhar McRae
Martha McRae
Mary McRae

Notice that several of the names duplicate those given to members of the younger --particularly Alex, Mary, Martha. I don't know what to say about that except this wouldn't be the first time something like that happened. I have seen another McRae in South Carolina where I can prove absolutely that there were two sons, both named John, using original documents. And if they had two different mothers, each mother may have wanted to name a child after a separate relative with the same given name.

Reply posted by : Diane McRae

10 Jan 2006 at 03.06

Have I sent you the information I've collected on Long Daniel McRae and Sarah McKenzie? I also have info on Long Daniel's father and grandfather and many collateral relations. I will give you this information as an attachment to e-mail if you'll allow me to use the photograph of your grandfather and grandmother McRae in my upcoming book on the McRae family. Just contact me at .

Reply posted by : Larry W. Cates

7 Jun 2006 at 01.56
Here is my e-mail again. The program seems to want to cut it out.

Reply posted by : Larry W. Cates

7 Jun 2006 at 01.59
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