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Thu 24 January 2019
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 Clan Macrae in the USA
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I am looking for the original 17 some MacRaes that came to America, supposedly North Carolina. Does anyone have the first names and years that these MacRaes came to America. I am certain that one of them is my ancestor and then moved to Alabama after that. Either before the Civil War or after.


Query posted by : Susan McRae Thompson

13 Nov 2005 at 01.46
The following replies have been posted in response to the above query. They are sorted chronologically according to the time of receipt, with the most recent at the end of the page.

OK – here’s what I know from my family research. It’s a real up/down story. Seven families of McRae’s (brothers/cousins ?) came from Scotland to Anson County NC in the mid 1700’s. They acquired a rather large land grant from the British crown, something in the area of 7000 acres. They fought on the side of the British in the Revolutionary War, and subsequently (since they were on the losing side) lost most all of their land. After the war they began to spread out across NC, some moving to the Tarboro NC area. Apparently, between 1800 and 1840 (or so) parcels of land became available in west central portions of the Georgia colony (reportedly acquired from the Creek Indians). At least one group of the McRaes, being “unlanded” chose to move to that region of Georgia (now Upson, Marion, Talbot & Muscogee Counties) where they prospered as farmers & teamsters until the Civil War. Some were rather large land owners with significant numbers of slaves. Once again, war came, they fought on the losing side, and they lost most all of what they. While some stayed there in that area as farmers, share croppers & teamsters (I am directly descended from this group), others migrated once again, this time to Barbour and Russell Counties in east-central Alabama. More than likely, this is where your “John” ancestor comes in.

Good luck in your continued quest.

Tom McRae

Reply posted by : Tommie E McRae

6 Jan 2006 at 13.59
There is a Archibald McRae born in 1798 buried at pleasant grove NC. This is on the line of NC and SC near the city of Morven, NC. He died in 1836. Do you think there would be some older than that? Surely he was one of the first here. His wife was Jane McKenzie. Their children were Ann, John, Catherine, and Duncan. Duncan is my ancestor.

Reply posted by : Lynn Turner

24 Jan 2006 at 04.56
I also descend from the McRaes in NC that later settled in MS/AL. I can't get any further back than Alexander McRae. Don't know his birth/death dates, but he was married to Mary, last name unknown, b. 1750/60, d. 1833 in Hinds County, MS.
Their son, my ggg-grandfather, was Farquhar C. McRae, b. 1785 in NC, d. 1851 in Choctaw Co., AL and was married to Isabella McRae (a different line).
Their son, my gg-grandfather, Alexander E. McRae, b. 1814 in NC, d. 1900/10 in Washington Co., AL and was married to Margaret Britton.
Their son, my g-grandfather, Daniel E. McRae, b. 1852, d. 1929 in Wayne Co., MS and was married to Eugenia C. Ellington.
Their son, my grandfather, Daniel A. McRae, b. 1893 in Wayne Co., MS, d. 1947 in Wayne Co., MS and was married to Estelle Mae Atkinson.
Would greatly appreciate any help filling in some blanks and going further back with my tree. I would like to know when my line came to America and who he was. Thanks greatly for any help.
Jan Urban

Reply posted by : Jan Urban

3 Jun 2007 at 03.45
Just joined this forum, and saw you very old post about the 17 original Macraes to NC. can you share what information you have. was Hugh bain mcrae, b 1761 among this 17?

Many thanks,

Reply posted by : Carolyn Davis

29 Mar 2009 at 04.16
My ancestor "Malcom MacRae" came to North Carolina in the early 1700's. Try that. Many Scotsmen came before the other family groups as individuals. Follow these leads through North Carolina, South Carolina and New Foundland. When I have time I will read the geneology and give you a better lead to follow.

Reply posted by : Tom Williams

30 Jul 2010 at 14.09
My ancestor "Malcom MacRae" came to North Carolina in the early 1700's. Try that. Many Scotsmen came before the other family groups as individuals. Follow these leads through North Carolina, South Carolina and New Foundland. When I have time I will read the geneology and give you a better lead to follow.

Reply posted by : Tom Williams

30 Jul 2010 at 14.09
From my direct ancestors.... FOR SURE I know Daniel Fraser McRae (4/22/1822- 3/1/1910) is my gg-grandfather... HIS father= Alexander Bain McRae (oct 1771-scotland/ 1849 NC) FOR SURE his brother was Hugh Bain McRae... supposedly they (only 2 alive children) immigrated to NC in 1774 with their parents Malcom McRae & Isabel Bain McRae (who probably had more children in USA).... and MAYBE Malcom's dad??? somewhere I read that an elder Alexander McRae immigrated with many of his adult children....
????? anyone have some more solid evidence on ancestors pre 1771 birth of Hugh & Alexander Bain McRae??

Reply posted by : J. McRae S

15 Apr 2013 at 18.58
You may wish to concentrate in the state of Georgia. Preferably, McRae, Ga as a start. Several are buried there and the census records are fairly accurate. However, it could have been spelled different in earlier generations. Unfortunately, earley census takers could only write what the person said or the way they pronounced the last name. This created multiple spellings. I am of the McRay line. My father was borne in Rome Ga. but three generations before the name was McCrary in North Carolina (earliest). Certainly made it more difficult to trace. With the help of a geneology researcher for McRa's in US, I found several answers. You may wish to email her. I have information on my line and happy to send it if you wish. Good luck.
Jerry McRay --

Reply posted by : Jerry Wayne McRay

20 Apr 2013 at 03.29
I am also decended from the North Carolina family. I live in Alabama and continue to research. Here is some information that may or may not help.
My Father: James William b. 1911 Rome,GA, grand father:William Harper, b. GA; Great Grandfather: William Leander.
The parents of William Leander as James Harper and Nancy Evelyn Hensley McCrary. They were first located in the 1860 Union County, GA census. James was listed as Head of Household, born in NC and was 23 years old. In his household was his wife, Nancy, age 25 and son William L., age 5. No later records were found for James H. except for military records and pension records filed by Nancy in 1892 from Floyd County, GA She stated that he was enlisted under the name of Capt. James H. McCrary in March 1864 in Co. A, 1st GA Infty.and was honorably discharged at Dalton, GA in July 1865. He was disabled by a wound in his side and died at McLemores Cove, TN in July 1877 from fever brought on from the wound in his side. James Harper and Nancy E. Hensley were married March 22, 1856 in Cleveland, GA. They had the following children: William Leander, born December 13, 1856 Union County, GA, died January 6, 1948; Lucinda Jane, born Abt. 1861; Brazzel Theodore, born March 27, 1864 White County, GA, died December 11, 1944 Cherokee Co, GA; Andrew Y ( my grandfather), born April 7, 1870 White Co, GA, died May 19, 1955 in Altoona, Alabama, Etowah Co.; James Vander, born October 9, 1876, White County, GA, died January 8, 1939, Rome, Floyd Co. GA.

James Harper's father was James McCrary born in North Carolina. He married Bersheba (unknown). She was born about 1815 in SC or GA. My research continues to find a true age for James since the Union Co. GA census records show conflicting ages. Bersheba's age is fairly consistent, but James' age varies from 1850 (age 62), 1860 (age 47), and 1840 (age 30). This would make his birth date either 1788, 1813, or 1810. Research is also continuing to find a maiden name for Bersheba. Latest records for James & Bersheba are from pension files for sons, George W and John Willis. These records show that they were residents of Mt. Yonah District of White County, GA in 1866 and 1874. No further information since that time. James and Bersheba had 7 children: Mitchel, born abt 1831 in GA; George W, born abt 1834 in GA, died Nov. 10, 1864, Gasaways, TN; James Harper, born abt 1837, NC, died 1877 McLemores Cove, GA; John Willis, born abt 1839 in GA, died Nov. 10, 1864, Gasaways, TN; Leander, born abt 1842, GA, died 1864; Andrew J, born abt. 1 844, GA; Sarah, born abt. 1847 in GA.
Yes exhausting considering illiteracy and census takers writing how the name sounded at the time and other gramatical errors. Good luck.

Reply posted by : Jerry Wayne McRay

20 Apr 2013 at 04.38
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