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Thu 24 January 2019
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Looking for information regarding Estella McRae, the daughter of Caroline Amelia McRae and Alexander McRae. As of 1881, she and her mother were living in Fillmore, Utah. She married Nelson Beauregard in Jan/Feb 1883. She had a brother Albert (also son of Alexander) who was living in Burnt Fork, Wyoming in January 1884.

Query posted by : Diane McRae

10 Jan 2006 at 04.02
The following replies have been posted in response to the above query. They are sorted chronologically according to the time of receipt, with the most recent at the end of the page.
Nelson Jacob and Julia Estella McRae Beauregard
Nelson Jacob Beauregard was born July 13, 1858 in Mariager, Denmark, the son of Christian Peter and Anna Sorenson Beauregard. The year Nelson was born, his parents were converted to the Mormon Church, and were anxiously saving their money to pay for their passage to America, to join the other Saints in Utah, where each family had been promised land for a home and land for a field. Since land was impossible to obtain in Denmark, Christian was very anxious to get to America. He was an excellent blacksmith and tool craftsman, therefore the elders of the Mormon Church were determined to get this family to Utah, as they were in much need of skilled craftsman.
In the spring of 1862, when Nelson was four years old, the Beauregard family, together with many other Danish families, set sail for America on the good ship "Franklin", and on May 30, 1862, when the ship "Franklin" docked in New York Harbor, Anna, Nelson's mother, gave birth to a baby girl whom they named Francis Amelia. Just as soon as Anna was able to stand the journey to Omaha, the Beauregards left on the train, with the rest of the converts, crowded into cars carrying all of their earthly possessions. When they left Omaha for Utah, they carried a small box in the covered wagon, in which to bury the baby, for no one expected Francis to stand the rigors of crossing the plains, in the John R. Murdock Company.
Nelson was a strong healthy lad who had a happy disposition, and worked many hours each day. He enjoyed life and seemed to be afraid of nothing. When he attended dances, and some ruffian got too noisy, Dan Olson, whose family orchestra furnished the music for the dances, would call on Nelson to get one of his brothers to help him evict the ruffian, and order was restored immediately.
Julia Estella McRae Beauregard was born Oct. 12, 1858, in Fillmore, Utah, the daughter of Alexander and Amelia Webb McRae. Alexander, the father came to Fillmore with the members of the Legislature as a representative from the Salt Lake District, met and married Amelia Webb, a widow of Edward Milo Webb who died while crossing the plains. Amelia was a very talented woman, an artist by nature, and her artistry showed every thing she did. She was an expert seamstress, who even tailored man's suits, she made exquisite clothing for girls, with hand made laces and embroidery.
This artistic ability has been passed down to the present generation. Estella herself was an artist who not only painted pictures but who practiced art in every thing she did. She was very popular with the boys of Fillmore but handsome Nelson Beauregard won her hand and they were married Jan. 11, 1883, in Fillmore.
To this couple were born four children: Donald Nelson, Hazel Estella, Lilian Vera, and Clayton Alexander. Nelson was a farmer and stockman. He also was a freighter who hauled large wagons of produce to the mining towns of Frisco, Ely and Pioche, and brought back ore to the railroad depots. He was an excellent provider and his children were all well educated. Estella moved to Salt Lake while her children attended the University of Utah. Donald studied art in Paris and became widely known for his paintings. He is mourned by the art people of the world because of his early death, before he was thirty years old, but was known as a genius who would have become one of the world's most famous artists.
Estella and Nelson were also the grandparents of Nelson Day, son of Carl and Hazel Beauregard Day, who became District Judge and U.S. Attorney General before he was killed at an early age in an automobile accident.
The world is certainly improved for having Nelson Jacob and Julia Estella McRae Beauregard as two of its industrious, interesting citizens. Nelson died Jan. 29, 1940 and Estella died Feb 10, 1951, and are buried in the Fillmore Cemetery. From a book I have "Builders of Early Millard". Nelson was my great-great-great-great uncle.

Reply posted by : Denise Sykes Wilson

8 Mar 2006 at 19.28
I don't know how much info you have found since you posted this query over 2 years ago. I have found some info on Julia Estella McRae and Nelson Jacob Beauregard, who married in Fillmore in 11 Jan 1896. They had 4 surviving children: I have found just a tad bit on Albert McRae and his wife, Mary Jane Duffy. Stella and her husband had 4 surviving children: Donald, Hazel, Lillian, and Clayton. Stella and her husband lived and died in Fillmore, UT.

I have found 2 children's names so far for Albert and Mary: James and Mary, 6 years apart. Albert and Mary met and were married (1896) in Collbran,CO. Their son, James, was born there 22 Jun 1898. He married Ethel Temple, of Cleveland, OH. They both died in Arizona in 1970.

If you have further info, I would like to know more. Stella and Albert were the children of Alexander McRae and Caroline Amelia Owens Webb. They were not together long and their children (her 7th and 8th)grew up with her in Fillmore. He lived in Salt Lake City most of the time. Unfortunately their children are barely mentioned. Often even Caroline is not mentioned. I welcome them to the Webb family if the McRaes don't want to admit that these children were part of their family. Sorry about that, but what from I have read, they didn't see or hear from their father much.

I would love to share the genealogical info on Caroline, but I cannot find the direct e-mail address for, where I found a lot of this info. They have nothing for Caroline but her name. Even Alexander McCrae's name is missing. If you have this address, I would appreciate getting it.

If you look up Caroline Amelia Owens (Webb from her first marriage--husband died at age 36)at under family history research, you can plug in her name and see several generations of her lineage. It's free, so go for it! You'll be hardpressed to find Stella and Albert there because, as I mentioned, they are McRaes and Alexander's first wife (this was a polygamous marriage)wasn't happy with her husband's second marriage or any of her kids. I think she wanted to THINK that Albert and Stella belonged to Caroline and not to Alexander. Are your eyes rolling yet??

My sister has done tons of genealogy. I am trying to work up some histories to go with the names, so any infor would be appreciated.

Reply posted by : Patricia Hodge

8 Oct 2009 at 03.37
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