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Thu 21 March 2019
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 Clan Macrae in the USA
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I am Doug McCreight, the editor of the 4th Edition of These are the McCreights, published in America. I would like to hear from [or be redirected to] anyone who can assist in revealing the link between Clan MacRae and the McCreight name. I understand we are supposed to be a sept of the clan MacRae? Thanks Salus in Fide

Query posted by : Doug McCreight

3 Nov 2003 at 13.03
The following replies have been posted in response to the above query. They are sorted chronologically according to the time of receipt, with the most recent at the end of the page.
Doug - This may be of small help: go to http:/ and click on "Symbols" in the left hand column. You will see a McCreight coat of arms provided by Peter A. MacRae (Peter died in 2002) - which is the arms (and the motto Salus in Fide) popularly displayed in Ireland for the McGrath family (the gaelic origins of the name MacRae). However here these are someone's personal arms as a crest has been granted. I don't know where Peter MacRae got it but a search of the name McCreight in the Lord Lyon's office in Edinburgh or the Chief Herald of Ireland's office in Dublin may prove useful and give some of the possible links you seek. I would be interested in your findings - best of luck, Kim McGrath (

Reply posted by : Kim McGrath

22 Jan 2004 at 23.01
Dear Doug,
Happy to reply. The Clan MacRae does not have septs. It has spelling variants. Think phonetically and you will find your association is there.
Best wishes, Cornelia W. Bush, CLS, FSA Scot.

Reply posted by : Cornelia W. Bush

8 Nov 2004 at 13.20

This is not a response to your question, I'm afraid, but I am interested in the book you have published! I live in England and am related on my mother's side to William McCreight (born c. 1802 in Cork). He married Mary Milner Baldwin (b.1805) also in Cork where, I believe, he owned a large farm. I know it is a long shot but I wonder if you have any information about the Cork McCreights and/or whether your book is still in print and obtainable.

Kind regards,

Reply posted by : Alexandra Buhagiar

15 Sep 2006 at 19.58
I would like to get in touch with Alexandra Buhagiar, who posted an earlier reply, to share information on William McCreight and Mary Milner Baldwin.

Reply posted by : Keith

3 Feb 2008 at 23.11
I am also a decendent of William McCreight and Mary Milner Baldwin of Bandon and I'm living in Cork. Would like to also get in contact with the last two posters

Reply posted by : Lisa O'sullivan

3 Mar 2010 at 12.59
I would also like to make contact with you, Lisa. I don't think this site has a facility for connecting people up - I may be wrong. Would you email me?
Look forward to hearing from you, Alexandra

Reply posted by : Alexandra Buhagiar

3 Mar 2010 at 19.00
To Lisa O'Sullivan - I would like to make contact with you too. A link to my email address is at the bottom of the webpage:
and you will see on that page a descendants chart for the Meredith and McCreights of Co. Cork

Reply posted by : Keith

3 Mar 2010 at 19.38
Hi Doug, I am Kevin McCreight, and though I do not have information about the Clan MacRae, I am very interested in your book. I used to own a copy of the first edition, and have since lost that copy. Any help with this matter will be welcomed!

Reply posted by : Kevin McCreight

13 Jul 2010 at 03.35
Keith, Lisa and Alexandria -this is one non-user friendly site for replying. I have no idea if you will get this or not. But I'll try anyway. My email is Please try me if I do not get in touch with you.

Reply posted by : Doug McCreight

14 Jul 2010 at 00.37
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