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Thu 24 January 2019
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Seeking information concerning the McRae families who settled in Charlotte County, New Brunswick from North Carolina in 1783/1784. Of particular interest, Patience McRae who may have married a Walter McFarlane vet of the 74th Argyll Highlanders.

Inez Reed

Query posted by : Inez Reed

29 Dec 2008 at 21.28
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Re: Patience McRae. She was my great, great, great grandmother. She did marry Walter McFarlane of the 74th Regiment about 1795 and lived in Digdegaush,N.B. They had 5 children, Walter, Robert (my great, great grandfather), John Henry "Black Henry", Archibald and David.
Robert married Catherine McGuire. Their daughter, Mary Ann,married John Graham. They and some of Robert's sons came west to Denman Island, B.C. about 1878 then some sailed to Hawaii and lived there. Catherine McGuire McFarlane is buried on Hilo, Hawaii. Members of the family are in contact by email from new zealand and hawaii. On it is the Graham family tree.
However, I have been seeking information on Patience McRae. Was her father Alexander or Isaac McRae? Some information on the web states she was part of the Alexander McRae family, though he was married to Flora. Also, she appears to have a brother Jude. Can you provide background on Patience?

Reply posted by : Maureen McKenna

21 Jul 2009 at 07.28
Hi Maureen - Patience McRae was the daughter of Isaac and Flora McRae. I have a marriage date for her and Walter McFarlane and some pension information and maybe a land grant application. The name was also spelled McRaw or McRha in that area.

I didn't know that she had a brother Jude.



Reply posted by : Inez Hoffman

21 Jul 2009 at 21.59
Where are you located Maureen? Do you correspond with our NZ cousins?


Reply posted by : Inez Hoffman

21 Jul 2009 at 22.03
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