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Sat 23 March 2019
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 Clan Macrae in Australia
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I am seeking information about the McRae family who came to Australia from Skye under the Dunmore Lang Scheme aboard the Midlothian in 1837. My husbands Great Grandfather is William Alexander McRae who was born at Dunmore Hunters River NSW, now called Largs. His father is William McRae and mother listed as Mary Ross.
any assistance would be most appreciated
kind regards
Kath McRae

Query posted by : Kath McRae

30 Jan 2014 at 01.26
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Hi, I just saw your post. Do you know the names of the McRae's who were on the Midlothian ? Are you familiar with the book MacRae's Down Under by Flora Willmott and Jack McRae. I have a copy, it lists all the known McRae families that came to Australia. I can check it for you if you have the names. Family 6 (Alexander McRae of Lochcarron and Mary McInnes of Skye) came out on that boat and in that year ? They appear to have settled in Maitland. There is mention of Largs for this family. I will check the book for others Lucas MacRae

Reply posted by : Lucas MacRae

31 Jan 2014 at 04.21

I have just checked the shipping records for the ship (link above) The family I mentioned before seem to be the only McRae's on the boat. Its spelt Mcrea on the shipping records but that doesn't mean much as most couldn't speak English only Gaelic

Reply posted by : Lucas MacRae

31 Jan 2014 at 04.37
thank you Lucas for your assistance. I do have the book the Macraes Down Under.
The problem we are having is that no birth record has been found for William Alexander McRae born at Dunmore Hunters River. There is also no marriage record of William McRae to Mary Ross listed as the mother of William Alexander McRae on the death certificate. We believe it is possible that Alexander McRae and Mary McInnis who came out on the Midlothian raised our William Alexander because of the birthtown listed on the death certificate as well as the names of William Alexander's children being called after Alexander and Mary's other children.
We believe that Mary Ross (whose family came to Australia on the Ontario and was also in the Dunmore Largs area at that time may have given birth to William Alexander McRae and the father could have been William McRae who came out on the Midlothian with his family.
We have found that William McRae left the Dunmore (Largs) area soon after the time of our William Alexanders birth and married a lass in Victoria. Similarly Mary Ross married another lad and continued to reside in the area.
All a bit of a puzzle and no real evidence.

any help would be appreciated.
kind regards
Kath McRae

Reply posted by : Kath McRae

31 Jan 2014 at 09.19
Hi Kath,

it does look like a bit of a puzzle. Good luck with it. Your hubby could try the MacRae DNA project to try and find a family link maybe.

Reply posted by : Lucas MacRae

31 Jan 2014 at 09.50
thank you Lucas. we appreciate your help

Kath McRae

Reply posted by : Kath McRae

31 Jan 2014 at 09.58
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