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Sat 23 March 2019
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 Clan Macrae in Australia
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I am getting closer for my trip to Loch Alshe and visit my McRae heritage. who migrated to Australia in 1853. The arrived in Port Fair Victoria.
John and Mary McRae are their names.
If any one has any further derails of John and Mary Anne please make con act . I want to walk in their footsteps I leave to go to Scotland in June this year.
Sue Stancombe

Query posted by : Sue Stancombe

6 May 2014 at 08.47
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Hi Sue, Not sure if we're on the same track but I'm just starting on my Family tree (McRae/Crawford)and wonder if my John and Mary are the same as yours! I have a MacRae Family tree record which says that John's wife Mary's maiden name was Cummings. Does that mean anything to you? My records show that John, born 1843 arrived on the "Ticonderoga" in 1852. I won't go into more details at this time as my info could be another family. Kintail seems to be the place the family lived. I have a daughter and a cousin who also visited the Eilean Donan Castle over past years and its apparently an amazing old place. Enjoy your trip and maybe we'll have further contact if we can make a connection with the info we each have.
Kind regards,
Bev Tschopp

Reply posted by : Bev Tschopp

3 Jun 2014 at 11.06
Hello Bev,

Thank you for your response. I have not come across the surname of Cummings that you refer to as John's wives maiden name.
I am a descendant of John McRae of Camuslinie and Isabella McRae of Torlysich.I believe that he was born in early years of the 19th century. Isabella his mother was the daughter of Farqhar MacRae

There are quite a lot of McRae's and yes it is difficult as so easily we can skip into another portion of the tree.
I am so looking forward to my time at Eileen Donan.
Kind regards

Sue Stancombe

Reply posted by : Sue Stancombe

8 Jun 2014 at 01.03
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