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Sun 24 March 2019
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 Clan Macrae in Australia
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Hi all Macraes,
Trying to trace my Great Great Grandfather Donald Macrae probably born between 1784 to 1794. We know my Great Great Grandmother Janet Mcrae b 1795 married him 14/10/1813 Glenshiel and came to Australia aboard the Asia in 1839 as a widow with three sons Donald b 1814, Christopher b 1816, and Duncan b 1825. We think the eldest son Donald b 1814 was deceased early shortly after arriving in Australia as he did not settle with the rest of the family in Stroud. Maybe he went his own way and settled elsewhere. We just don't know. Both Christopher and Duncan lived, married and died in Stroud, NSW. We can trace Janet back to her father John Macrae who married a Mary Grant and then John's father is a Farqhar Macrae who married a Helen Grant. We can't trace Janet's husband who was a Donald Macrae and we think he died before Janet came to Australia. Any help greatfully accepted. Bill McRae

Query posted by : Bill McRae

18 Sep 2006 at 17.45
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Hi Bill
I came across your query when I found the Clan Macrae site. My husband is Keith William McRae connection is through Duncan 1870, Christopher 1817 married to Maria Farley, then Donald and Janet. WOuld love to swap information with you.
home email is
Look forward to hearing from you.

Reply posted by : Pam McRae

6 Mar 2010 at 03.38
Hi Bill

I am not a McRae, but researching as we lived next door to Christopher John McRae's family at 38 Darvall Road, Eastwood, NSW, Australia 29Km from Sydney. The McRae estate was 3 block No.34 McRae's, 36 sub-divided about 1952, No. 38 us sub-divided about 1938 had been orchard, chicken run and vegetables and No. 40 sub-divided about 1948, formerly a tennis court.

Their home was Federation style 1890 to 1920 with wide verandas and their was a garage overgrown by vine. When the new owner cleared the vine, he found inside an old chassis of a 1908 Clement-Talbot. It was moved to our back garden with the aim of restoring it, but there were too many parts missing, so the radiator was salvage and is in my brothers possession.

CJM died in 1924 and I was born 1938, but there were 2 isters living there and I thought and Norman Edgar McRae. I now suspect the 2nd woman was the wife of Norman. They kept to them selves and rare saw them, but Mum was friendly with them.

I have more information, but would prefer to sent to your email address, so please send it soon

Anthony (Tony) Stuart Archer

Reply posted by : Anthony Stuart Archer

2 May 2010 at 04.47
Hi Bill,

My McRae family came on the Asia with yours and are buried at Stroud. I wondered if there was an relationship between them. Have you heard of any? My Donald was the son of John McRae and Flora McRae and Flora's line is documented in the Clan History but I want to find who John's family was. Any help and ideas would be greatly appreciated.

The birth of Duncan on the IGI shows his father as Donald Roy Macrae, but with so many Donald's I can't be sure which one he is, but he seemed to be from a Glensheil family. I've been trying to sort them out on Scotlands People but money runs out too fast. I wish the indexes were free, even if they put the price up on the download of register entries, as I get so many wrong ones.
I'll keep looking.
Regards, Ann

Reply posted by : Ann Hammond

24 Jul 2010 at 13.14
Hi Bill

I know that your post was 10 years ago but I was wondering if you ever sorted out your Stroud McRae family?

I am researching the same family and may be able to help.

You can contact me at


Reply posted by : Meg Donnison

30 Apr 2016 at 09.00
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