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Sat 23 March 2019
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 Clan Macrae in Australia
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ANY information sort please:

I am a 5th generation McRae here in South Australia.
I am looking for ANY information about John McRae, supposedly born 2 Feb 1822 Scotland, and allegedly came to Australia in 1836 aboard the ABBERTON or perhaps ALBERTON. No solid information known, and perhaps may never been known... Of the the Original John McRae, there are 600 odd decendents scattered far and wide around Australia. I, along with my ancestors made Hawker in the Flinders Ranges the McRae home since 1880, and before that, Arkaba Station I believe around 1857.. Lots of Relatives around Alice Springs in the NT etc... Someone must have some (ANY) information, so that I can hopefully fill in the missing spots with the large family tree undertaking.
Och! Let me hear from you please.
John Fredrick McRae, Barossa Valley South Australia

Query posted by : John Fredrick McRae

28 Sep 2006 at 11.50
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Hello John, Did your John McRae have a son, Frank McRae? This Frank McRae married Ada McARthur on 19.5.1866 at Bullaparinga, S.A. One of their children was Ada Mary McRae, born in Hawker, SA on 7.11.1889. The family was in Hawker for a long time, with Ada (McArthur) McRAE dying in Hawker at the age of 83 on 11.8.1949. Does any of this sound familiar to you? Looking forward to your reply. Many thanks - Ally McRae

Reply posted by : Ally McRae

22 Jun 2009 at 13.56
Hi John, Further to my previous reply, I forgot to add that Frank and Ada McRae's daughter, also named Ada (b. 1889) married a COAD - no other details yet. - Ally McRae

Reply posted by : Ally McRae

22 Jun 2009 at 14.00
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