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Sat 23 March 2019
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 Clan Macrae in Australia
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Hi, My name is Hamish Jones. I am based in Melburne. My mother is a MacRae and we are descended from the MacRae's who settled in Ballarat.

Query posted by : Hamish Jones

27 Jan 2007 at 11.23
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Hi Hamish,
I noticed that you have not had any replies to your post. Depending on how much research you have done, many McRae's settled in the Ballarat area. Maybe if you post a little bit more information about your bloodline -names, dates of birth you should get some contacts. Cheers

Reply posted by : Jennifer McRae

28 Mar 2012 at 06.20
Hi Hamish, don't know whether this will reach you as your question was a few years back! Anyway, I'm also descended from the McRaes who settled in Ballarat -- Duncan and Janet. Sofar as I can work it out Duncan originally went to Tasmania where he worked for a couple of years, then went across to Portland (1839) where he started a few stations (Glenlivet, Glenaulin, Pleasant Hills & others)and was joined by two of his brothers who had originally migrated to Nova Scotia but didn't like it. He and Janet (nee McRae!!!) married in Melbourne - she had originally migrated to Tasmania with her father (a widower). It seems Duncan lost the plot and his land (still investigating this one) and around 1863 got a job as a scab inspector (a disease of sheep) which kept hearth and home together in Ballarat. His boys and 1 daughter all moved to WA. I have lots of info on them. Let me know if you get this. My email address is

Reply posted by : Jane Lodge

19 Jul 2016 at 09.10
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