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Thu 13 December 2018
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 Clan Macrae in New Zealand
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I'm getting 5 MacRae Hunting Weathered kilts made. I have got costings from 2 scottish kilt makers. These are "The Scottish Kilt Company" and "Slanj Edinburgh".

The TSKC has a 8 yard 13oz for 255GBP and a 5 yard for 155GBP (not really done in required tartan) and Slanj does a 5 yard 130z for 241GBP.

2 questions.

1/ Does anyone have any experience with either or both of these kilt makers?

2/ I know the difference between a 8 and a 5 yard kilt. These kilts aren't necessary for dress but more for hanging around in. What would be your preference an 8 yard or a 5 yard?

Duncan McRae

Query posted by : Duncan McRae

14 Jan 2011 at 20.04
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Hi Duncan
I can't answer question #1 but, question #2 I would say the 5yard kilts I just recently had made up are great for just hanging around in.

This past year I have had 3 kilts made from a company in California called "Sports Kilt". These kilts will be worm maybe 6 times a year so I didn't want a large expense as I did for my own wool kilt purchased in Scotland. I had these 5-yard kilts made from a poliviscose material and out of 5 yards of material 2 kilts can be made. The total cost of the material was $160 US which I purchased from "The Scottish Weaver" in Charlotte, NC USA. Unfortunately "Sports Kilt" does not carry the McRae tartan. "Sports kilt" charged me $120 US to have each kilt made up so the total cost of one kilt was $200 US which I felt was a good deal. I think the kilts are well made and look very nice on. I think the younger men in our family prefer the not so itchy, lighter weight kilt rather than the heavier wool kilt. I have another 2 being made up this month so all the McRae men in my family will have one! If you like I can send you a picture or you could email Seamus at "Sports Kilt" as I'm sure he would be glad to answer all your questions. Good luck!
Gail McRae, Canada

Reply posted by : Gail McRae

14 Jan 2011 at 23.56

Bought 5 MacRae Hunting Weathered kilts and various Scottish apparel from "Heritage of Scotland". Cost a bit (see below) but the quality is very high.

Warning. You get 20% off the cost as we (NZ) are outside the EU. If the items are of $X (see customs website) amount then you're liable for GST when the items enter NZ. If the items are clothing then you are also liable for duty on top of the GST. Total extra for me was 25%. That is a lot of extra coin.

Duncan McRae

Reply posted by : Duncan McRae

9 Jul 2011 at 04.22
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