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Mon 18 February 2019
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 Clan Macrae in Canada
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I am trying to trace the names of the parents of my great great grandfather, John Octavius Macrae, and any information about them....where and when they were born, where they lived, when and where they were married, when and where they died....My great great grandfather was born on 24 September 1834....and that is all the information I have on him. I'm not sure if he was born in Canada, but believe he was - but he was certainly living in Hamilton when he was married on 18 October 1859 to Victoria St George Ritchie. His eldest son, John Ogilvy Macrae, was born on 15 March 1862 in Hamilton. John and Victoria lived on Park Street at the time of their son's birth and he was a merchant. Victoria died on 11 May 1876, in Hamilton, aged 36 years. Between Victoria's death, and 1879, it appears that John Octavius moved to England. He died (suddenly) on 12 May 1881, aged 46 years. Can anyone help?

Query posted by : David MacRae

16 Sep 2012 at 20.09
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I have some information about them, his father William Macrae and his brothers. His life was quite sad, although his family were quite prominent in Quebec. They were married Oct 18 1859 in Hamilton, Wentworth, Ontario. Victoria's father was the postmaster, Edmund Ritchie, and her mother was Caroline Griffith, whose father was Robert Griffith, founder of Griffithtown in Montreal. If you wanted to find out more information, I could provide it by email. I was able to find an article about her death and I think it may relate to why he moved to England. He had a second wife and another son who became a professor of languages and was born in Switzerland. I think his eldest son, John Olgilvy, also became a merchant.

There are also photos of him at the McCord Museum in Montreal online.

Megan (

Reply posted by : Jmlillies

31 Jan 2013 at 04.59
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