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Mon 18 February 2019
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 Clan Macrae in Canada
Date Posted
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looking for issue of David MacRae
1)Duncan last know add. Davis Crescent Toronto
2)Kathleen MacRae married name Norris last know add. Melbourne Avenue B.C.
3)Margaret MacRae married name Ross last know add. Cossiar Street B.C.
4)Isabel MacRae married name Souter last know add. 16th Avenue B.C.
All of the above were grandchildren of Duncan MacRae and Margaret Morrison

Query posted by : Ian MacRae

2 Sep 2004 at 12.42
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You have probably learned by now, that Toronto is a very large city, several million people, and B.C. is a Canadian province. There are a lot of 16th avenues in B.C. Cassiar St. is in Vancouver, which has a population in excess of probably 2 million.
If you can narrow it down it would be most helpful.

A MacRae grandchild , Esther

Reply posted by : Esther Schroeder

7 Dec 2004 at 19.46
Hi there;
I am really none the wiser as far as other data is concerned. None of the names seemed to correspond to the addresses in the phone book. If you have the name of the ladies husbands or at least an initial it would be a plus. Merry Christmas to all. Esther

Reply posted by : Esther Schroeder

14 Dec 2004 at 01.56
Hello Ian.
If you're still looking and you're looking in BC...try going onto the BC Vital statistics website and do a birth, marriage or death search under the surnames you're looking for.
Hope this helps.
Andrea McRae

Reply posted by : Andrea McRae

19 Jun 2005 at 04.09
Hello Andrea

Logged onto the Web site as you suggested and found the death of Kathleen McRae Norris. Will keep looking for other MacRae family members who emigrated fron Scotland to Canada
Thanks for your help
Ian MacRae

Reply posted by : Ian MacRae

21 Jun 2005 at 19.26
Hello, my great grandmother is Margaret Ann McRae who married William Hector Ross in Tain, Scotland. I am currently researching this part of my family tree. Please contact my. Thank you, Linda

Reply posted by : Linda Desroches

24 Mar 2011 at 19.22
I should have indicated in my last post that Margaret Ann MacRae is the daughter of Duncan MacRae (1850) and Margaret Morrison, and the brother of David mentioned in this thread. Thank you, Linda

Reply posted by : Linda Desroches

25 Mar 2011 at 00.01
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