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Mon 18 February 2019
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 Clan Macrae in Canada
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Hello Esther.
Thge full addresses that I have are
1) Duncan MacRae 13 Davis Crescent, 6 Ontario, Canada
2) Mrs Kathleen Norris 934 Melbourne Avenue, 6 British Columbia
3) Mrs Margaret Ross 120 Cossiar Street Vancouver , 6 British Columbia
4) Mrs Isabel Souter, 3179 E 16th Avenue, Vancouver BC
I have no further info -if you can help at all I will be very gratefull
Frances MacRae

Query posted by : Ian MacRae

8 Dec 2004 at 08.29
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hello Frances; I have a Vancouver telephone directory and will peruse the folk mentioned to see if I can get you detail Hang tough.
Sorry, I found none of the folks, but when I look at the directory date, that could be part of the problem it is 1996. We are going to Vanc. this aft and will check at our daughters. Will write again tomorrow if I find something for you. Esther

Reply posted by : Esther Schroeder

12 Dec 2004 at 21.02
I apologize for not contributing more to the site in recent times. If you call up the Google search engine site and just ask for "City of Vancouver Canada', you will get any amount of info there , eg. maps and stats of the beautiful city. It is the host city for the 2010 Winter OLYMPICS , and we hope we are still around for the games. We are both in our late 70's but in good health.
When you get the city of Vanc. check out Jericho Beach, Brockhouse Restaurant. Our grandaughter is being married there next Sat. June 25. She is Erin Jones, and her and her fiance, Mark Belsito, visited Eilean Donan Castle last July, and brought some lovely souveniers for us. Hope you have had some luck finding kin.

Reply posted by : Esther Schroeder

19 Jun 2005 at 06.17
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