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Mon 18 February 2019
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 Clan Macrae in Canada
Date Posted
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This looks like it is going to be a great site
I am a member of both the new Canadian society
and the Scottish one
Just recieved the Scottish Sept Newsletter
this morning
Can anyone provide me with a history of the
McRaes in Glenelg before the year 1815
My family left Scotland in 1815 on the ship
Eliza along with 13 other McRae familys, mostly
from Glenelg

Query posted by : John MacRae

29 Sep 2003 at 15.51
The following replies have been posted in response to the above query. They are sorted chronologically according to the time of receipt, with the most recent at the end of the page.
Hi John
If you post in your family members names I will see what I can find for you.

Frances MacRae

Reply posted by : Ian MacRae

22 Mar 2004 at 15.13
Just wondering how the McRaes Settled in Glenelg.

I read somewhere that they used to collect rent in Glenelg for the Frasers in ancient times.

My McRaes were from John McRae and Catherine McCaskill
I believe Catherine was still living in Glenelg in 1815,when her family left on the Ship Eliza.

Two Sons - Alexander and Wife Catherine McIntosh,who are listed as from Glenelg, and also Glen Orchy,And Roderick and his wife Marion Murchison From Glenelg ( Miltown ?)Came to Canada.
Twelve other McRae familys were on the Eliza and Baltic Merchant, most from Glenelg.

I have seen some history of Glenelg post 1815 but very little pre 1815

Reply posted by : John MacRae

22 Mar 2004 at 16.15
Hi John
John b. 1789 -Inverness
Malcolm b. 1790 Inverness
Roderick b. 1791 Glenelg( Glengeild)
Archibald b. 1793 Glenelg ( Glengeild)
Also Type in " Macrae's of glenelg" no.of useful sites come up.

Reply posted by : Ian MacRae

22 Mar 2004 at 19.38
Yes Roderick B 1791- D 1860 In Glengarry Canada
was my gggrandfather.
Arch B 1793- D 1878 In Glengarry Canada

Reply posted by : John MacRae

22 Mar 2004 at 20.03
Hi John

I'd be really interested in receiving details of the Canada Society please. I am just starting my family research and it's tough going!
Many thanks


Reply posted by : Katherine New

21 Sep 2004 at 18.05
HI Katherine
Click on MacRae Links, on the menu on the left, it will get you to the Society in Canada.


Reply posted by : John MacRae

21 Sep 2004 at 19.21
Hi John,

After two years of searching I was supplied with the names of my gggg grandparents - Kenneth Morrison and Sarah McRae. They sailed from Glenelg aboard the Neptune in June of 1802. With them were their eight sons: Malcolm, Duncan, Donald, Norman, Ludovic,Findlay, Farquhart and William.

William, my ggg grandfather, has always been listed as being born at sea. However, his birthday is two weeks before the ship sailed. The best that we can figure out is that the family was already aboard while it was anchored in the bay.

This information was supplied by Wayne Morrison, Ludovic's descendant, of Dalhouise, Quebec. The whole family was written in the back pages of a book. Unfortunately, there were no dates associated with any of the members of the family.
The passage also said that all were born in Glenelg, Scotland.

My research now begins on these other two members of my growing ancestry. If you have any insights on where I might turn to next it would be appreciated.

Glenelg, today only has about 250 people living there. I have tried to make contact but so far nothing comes back.

I will gladly share any information that I have with anyone in this group that may have some kind of connection.

William Morrison

Reply posted by : William Morrison

16 Apr 2005 at 03.23
For William Morrison
My gggfather Rod McRae's wife was a Catherine Morrison from the Dalhousie area . She was supposed to have come over on the Neptune in 1802 as a child.
I still have not found out which of those Morrisons she was the daughter of.
Alexander McRae my gg father also married a Catherine Morrison -- she was the daughter of
Farquhar Morrison of Newton ( also the Dalhousie area )
Most of my work is on the McRaes , but sometime
I will try and figure out the morrison connection

Reply posted by : John MacRae

21 Apr 2005 at 19.14
Hi I'm new to this site so please forgive me for anything here that is being repeated or is general knowledge.

I am Scottish born (Musselburgh), living in Nottingham, England and I discovered this site through researching Glenelg. My partner is Canadian, born Montreeal and she carries the maternal family surname of McCrae in her middle name 'Rae' after her grandmother originating from Doketown, New Brunswick.

I'm not sure how many here have visited Glenelg but I have been there on a few occasions and was moved to write a little about it as it is a very special place.

Or from my own site:

I am a little familiar with the village and may be able to answer a question or two.

Best wishes.


Reply posted by : Stuart Frew

6 Oct 2005 at 12.26
My MacRae's also came to Canada in 1815. Mary MacRae was the daughter of John MacRae but there are 2 Mary's of the correct age and 2 John MacRae's. One was married to Janet Cameron and the other to Catherine MacLeod. I'm not sure which was my relative. It's nice to finally come across someone with relatives on the same ship.

Reply posted by : Jan Casey

7 Feb 2006 at 22.13
Hi Jan

John McRae and Catherine McLeod had a Mary
Born in 1812. She married Allan McCaskill.
She died in 1885.

Also on the Ship were John McRae and Marion
( Sally ) Campbell They had a Mary born in
1824. I have not found any info on this Mary.

John McRae and Janet Cameron , I have found
to be directly related to my branch.They also
had a Mary born in 1812 with them ,although
they seem to have married in 1814. I do not
have anymore info on this Mary. I have most
of the info on their other nine Children. A
Second Mary was born in 1823- this one did not

Reply posted by : John MacRae

7 Feb 2006 at 23.07
Hi John
You can't believe how excited I am. The info you gave me finally confirms that I am descended from John MacRae and Janet Cameron. I always felt I was right but I couldn't confirm it. Mary MacRae daughter of John and Janet Cameron married Donald McDougall about 1836. They had a daughter Isabella who was my ggrandmother. How are you related?

Reply posted by : Jan Casey

8 Feb 2006 at 01.41
Hi Jan

WE have to compare notes. I would like to have
your Genealogy on Mary. She was the one in
that family I could not find .

Your John McRae was the son of Roderick Ban
McRae and Florence Marion Murchison.
Roderick Ban was my Alexander McRae's Brother.

They were the sons of John McRae and Catherine
McCaskill of Glenelg

Reply posted by : John MacRae

8 Feb 2006 at 03.41
Hi John
I don't have everything on Mary yet. I haven't been able to find her marriage record but they lived in Lochiel, Glengarry, Ontario at lot 1 conc 6. She died in 1875 and is buried with her husband at St. Alexander's. They are in the Lochiel census but I can't remember which page. Their daughter Isabella married John Donald McDougall from Lochiel conc 6 lot 8 in 1862. I'll take a look at my notes to see if I have any more info

Reply posted by : Jan Casey

8 Feb 2006 at 03.57
Hi John,
My name is Tom Higginson and I live in Hawkesbury, Ont. Canada. My ggggrandfather John Fraser was married to a Catherine MacRae and they too left Glenelg, Scotland in 1815 aboard the Eliza. They had 9 children, 5 when they left Scotland, Donald was born upon arrival at Sorel and 3 more were born at Hawkesbury. They settled on N1/2 Lot 8 Con.3 Wt. Hawkesbury. I did up a bit of a family tree a few years ago. I too would be interested in finding out more of the family before they came to Canada.

Reply posted by : Tom Higginson

14 Nov 2006 at 21.09
Hi Tom
I have a copy of a John Fraser - Margaret McRae
genealogy by Tom Higginson . I thought it was
by Tom Higginson that was married to Thelma
McRae, but perhaps it was by you.
I knew Tom through Enid McRae Bradley,Thelma's
I believe that Margaret McRae was the daughter
of Roderick Ban McRae. This is an assumption
based on the fact Rod had a Margaret that I
can not find elsewhere. John and Margaret
are listed beside Rod on the Shiplist of
the Eliza. One of Rod's sons Alex was granted
a lot in West Hawkesbury beside John Fraser.
Alex traded lots with a Gibson so he would be
closer to his brothers in Lochiel.
I have just a little on the McRaes in Glenelg
but have a rather large genealogy of them
since 1815.


Reply posted by : John MacRae

14 Nov 2006 at 23.11
I am looking for any Macrae with a Father DONALD and Mother ANNE MACRAE.
I know, I know, like looking for a needle in a haystack, but after years of getting nowhere I am at any straw!


Reply posted by : Elizabeth R Savage

4 Apr 2007 at 12.51
Hi John,
It would appear we are related. Roderick B b.1791 is my ggggrandfather. I would like to get in touch with you to compare notes.
Thank you,
Michael McRae

Reply posted by : Michael McRae

18 Oct 2007 at 05.18
Just looking at the McRae genealogy . Are you Micheal son of Samuel, of Archibald ,of Samuel of Rod?

Reply posted by : John MacRae

18 Oct 2007 at 14.03
Yes, that's me.

Reply posted by : Michael McRae

18 Oct 2007 at 22.09
My email is Looking forward to trade info with you.I got all my genealogy on your family from Arnold McRae,
and later met Laird Donald McRae when he came to Canada.

Reply posted by : John MacRae

19 Oct 2007 at 01.21
Hi everyone. I am a great,great,great, great granddaughter of John Fraser and Margaret MacRae who came from Glenelg in 1815 on the ship "Eliza" and settled on Lot 8, Concession 3, Township of West Hawkesbury in the county of Prescott, ON in 1816.

If anyone has more information on Margaret MacRae would you please let me know. Much appreciated!

Reply posted by : Staci P

2 Sep 2010 at 03.49
For Staci p
See above reply dated Nov 14 2006

Reply posted by : John MacRae

4 Nov 2010 at 14.45
Just found this site and noticed that Elizabeth R Savage is looking for Donald and Annie Macrae, well I have great grandparents Donald and Annie McRae.
Annie nee McIntosh b 1874 d 1937 aged 63
Donald McRae b 1876 d 1964 aged 88
Both were buried at Dyke cemetery in Morayshire Scotland.
Hope this helps you !!

Reply posted by : Roy

22 Feb 2012 at 13.05
If this helps at all: my gggrandfather Kenneth McCaskill married a Mary McRae in 1833 in L'orignal, Ontario. She, and her parents Macolm McRae & Rebecca Morrison and 3 sisters, came over on the ship Eliza in 1815. I believe that another sister and brother were born later in Canada.

Reply posted by : Earl McCaskill

1 Oct 2012 at 01.43
Hi all,

Some of my relatives were McCrimmons on board the Eliza. I had a cousin Margaret McLennan from Williamstown that gave me a box full of McRae photos mostly over a hundred years old. They were of the family of Big Alec McRae of Munros Mills, connected to the 1815 group. I would love to sort through these photos and get them up so people can see them.

Reply posted by : Bill Morrison

31 Dec 2012 at 03.49
I just recently started the genealogy on my wife's side. One branch traces back to John and Margaret Fraser from Glenelg in 1815. Their son Donald married Ann (nancy) Mcinnis. Does anyone know the parent's name of Ann? Their daughter Margaret married a Searl who I'm still trying to find out about. I would be interested in contacting frasers and mcraes to exchange info.

Reply posted by : Ken MacAulay

4 Jul 2015 at 23.06
I just recently started the genealogy on my wife's side. One branch traces back to John and Margaret Fraser from Glenelg in 1815. Their son Donald married Ann (nancy) Mcinnis. Does anyone know the parent's name of Ann? Their daughter Margaret married a Searl who I'm still trying to find out about. I would be interested in contacting frasers and mcraes to exchange info.

Reply posted by : Ken MacAulay

4 Jul 2015 at 23.06
I've traced one branch to John Fraser and Margaret Mcrae on the ship Eliza. Their son Donald married Ann McInnes and had a daughter margaret and that's how I come into this branch. I am interested in corresponding with the Frasers/Mcraes and sharing info at

Reply posted by : Ken MacAulay

5 Jul 2015 at 16.27
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