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Thu 24 January 2019
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Anyone with links to Argentina or other South American countries

Query posted by : Geoffrey McRae

18 Jun 2004 at 19.39
The following replies have been posted in response to the above query. They are sorted chronologically according to the time of receipt, with the most recent at the end of the page.

Are you from New Zealand? I have been trying to get an email address for the Geoffrey Macrea that was mentioned in the NBR re property in Argentina. I am a NZer living in the UK and have an interest in Argentina. I also have Macrae in my fathers side of the family who lived in Southland. It would be ironic if there was a link. Please reply to me at


Calvin Smith

Reply posted by : Calvin Smith

17 Apr 2005 at 10.34
Hi ,
My Name is Emerson Raiol, I live in Brasilia, Brazil. Some months ago I find out the Coat of Arms of the Raiol Family and there says that the name Raiol comes from MacRae. I dont know how the MacRaes came to Brazil, but it is not a very common Family Name here, just a few of us, maybe more than 2.000 ,
See you all Mates,


Reply posted by : Emerson Raiol

27 Aug 2007 at 19.59
In response to Mr. Emerson Raiol's comment,I have an ancestor called Mr. William Macrae that was a banker that came from the Highlands to Porto Alegre, Brasil, to marry a Brazilian from the Aveline family. Mr. William died in 1862. He was 39 years old.
Best regards,

Reply posted by : Ângela

24 Jun 2015 at 20.43
My grandmother Anne McCrea was the only child of Scottish immigrants who owned a ranch in the South of Chile. I am currently researching if thereare other McCraes in Chile, which is possibly since many scots were lured to patagonia wit grants of land, as they were considered experts in sheep farming in the 1900Reply posted by : Pedro Barros

28 Jun 2015 at 17.07
In addition to Angela's comment, my great-great-grandmother Elizabeth Macrae de Freitas' father was William Macrae. Prior to living in Porto Alegre, he lived in Rio Grande, Brazil. It would be truly interesting to know more about William Macrae, as well as understand whether other family members accompanied him to Brazil.

Reply posted by : Gabriela Voss Chagas Les

6 Sep 2016 at 22.14
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