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Thu 24 January 2019
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I am searching for information on my ancestor William Rea (MacRea), who was born in Kintail in 1670 and emmigrated, presumably with his parents, to County Down, Northern Ireland in the late 1600s.

It's my theory that either William himself or his father dropped the "Mac" from the family surname, making it Rea from then on, once they had arrived in Northern Ireland.

I'd like to find any information about the emmigration of MacRaes to Northern Ireland during the 1600s (The "Plantation" period). I know some did go there, probably from Kintail, but I'd like to find data on specific individuals who did so, assuming any such data still exists. If I can find it, this may help to establish who William's father was.

The family settled in Drumskee, Dromore Parish, in County Down, where they remained for a generation or two, then migrated to Newry (also in County Down) by the mid-1700s and, in 1774/1775, emmigrated to Pennsylvania. Any help would be appreciated.

Gary Rea

Query posted by : Gary Rea

12 Nov 2004 at 18.31
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This probably won't be any help to you, but your info is very interesting to me...I have an ancestor named William Ray who was born "ca. 1754" in "England" (which may well include Northern Ireland, as it may have been intended primarily to mean "over there" rather than in Maine, where he ended up, fought for the colonies in the American Revolution, married, raised children, and eventually died). He married a Maine girl (well, she was most likely born in Falmouth, Maine, where her parents married and resided before moving to Harrington, which wasn't steeled by white folks until after the Revolution; but she certainly wasn't from across the Atlantic, or Penn.) in April of 1778 in Harrington, Washington County, Maine, and died there in 1826. This info is, I believe, from MAINE FAMILIES IN 1790, though I really should double-check on that, as I haven't looked at it for some time now. It had some details on his Revolutionary War service. Anyway, I wonder whether your William happened to be a Quaker or not; and also would very much like to know what your sources were, especially for N. Ireland. Also, have you come up with any new info since Nov.?
Best wishes,
Jill Herendeen

Reply posted by : Jill Herendeen

20 Mar 2005 at 04.28
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