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Tue 19 March 2019
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Hello there

I have recently been informed by my wonderful father that I have a Scottish grandfather.

Now that may not seem that strange to you all but when I tell you that my father hadn't mentioned this for the first 40 years of my life, it does gain some ground as kind off strange.

Now the only reason this came about was in fact that I had to attend a dinner dance and myself and the men from my table all decided to wear kilts.

I ended up being the only one who did and I have to say that I stood out like a lion in a cat house.

Now when telling my family what a great time my wife and I had and how much I liked wearing a kilt, my father then asked what kilt I had worn.

I explained that I worn a dress Stewart kilt, with this my father choose to land his tramp card.

He proudly asked why I wore that tartan, when I was fully entitled to ware the kilt of his fathers own clan.

Of course I thought he was joking until he explained that his real father had indeed been a McRae.

This was four years ago and I hope this doesnt offend any one but since then I have taken to wearing a kilt to weddings and dinner dances etc, etc.

I've been doing some research and plan to bring my father up to see his fathers clans castle and visiting the sites.

This won't be for a year or so as he is recovering from a few medical issues but as soon as he's back on his feet we will make the journey.

I think my real question is how well we will be received, as I was born here in England as was my father.

He had no choice on his surname as he was very young when his father and mother split up.

He does hold a certain pride regarding his real father and where he was from and I know he would love to visit the area and possibly find out more about our ancestors.

your comments are welcome.


Query posted by : David Osborn

8 Apr 2009 at 22.24
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