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Sat 23 March 2019
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This information is for Antony MacRae
Tghankyou for getting in contact with me. sorry have delayed in answering but don't have much time these days. My knowledge of my family tree is poor but give me time and I can produce it back to 1803. My grandfather was Ewen MacRae who migrated to Ausgtralia in about the 1840's he married Suzanne Izard (who happens to be the sister of Don Bradmans Mother). They were in the Compbelltown Moss Vale area NSW and arrived/settled at Lake Cargelligo in the Northern Riverina Area in about 1872. Their family consisted of my Father Kenneth William born 1883 at Lake Cargelligo, George, Farquhar, Ewen, Christopher, Johnny, Augustus who died at about 12 yrs of age, Hannah, Eliza, Barbara. Ellen all of whom are now deceased (remember this information is from memory so hopefully haven't missed any of them). Then my family from the oldest down Joan , Ellen, Ewen,Kenneth and Annie (Twins) Austin, Keith and Allan (Twins). We were all born at Lake Cargelligo. They are all still living. I am the youngest and will be 70 on 31/12/03. We had two properties at Lake Cargelligo totalling about 4,000 acres. One block was irrigation and the other dry land. These were sold to my Brother in law Frank Golding in 1949. I joing the Postmaster Generals Department in 2/12/48 working in the Post Office and transferred to Telecom 1965, stayed with Telecom in the split up in 1975 and took a redundancy in 7/1/88. Since then I have worked on the land, about 6 years with a wool broker, other odd jobs. In 1988 my youngest son ( I have three sons and four daughters and 20 grand children) at that time wanted to go into business by himself and asked me to join him with a helping hand. I promised three months and am still there. I haven't visited Scotkland but my Briother Ewen went to the last MacRae reunion and had a great time. He visited Eilean Donnan Castle. I had planed to go there about 1996 but for some reason never got there. Its probably out of the question now. I am in good health and have been a sportsman all my life. At present play lawn bowls. That is enough for now maybe I will hear from you again.
Thanks again for your query
Keith MacRae Parkes NSW (Central West and only about two hours drive to Lake Cargelligo)

Query posted by : Keith George MacRae

7 Dec 2003 at 11.34
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Keith, you certainly know your family history better than I know mine. It was interesting to find out that the Don's uncle was a MacRae.
Quite a claim to fame!

Hope all is well with you and thanks for the information.


Reply posted by : Antony MacRae

8 Mar 2004 at 21.24
Keith, I live in Sydney, my name is Michael Johnson. My grandmother past away 12 months ago, her maiden name was Joyce Jean MacRae, I believe Ewen MacRae and Suzanne Izard were here Grandparents. I have the family tree, to present, but don't know where you fit in, please contact me!

Reply posted by : Michael Johnson

20 Feb 2007 at 07.07
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