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Tue 19 March 2019
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 Clan Macrae in Great Britain
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A recent trip to Liverpool gave me a perfect opportunity to visit and photograph Macrae Road for the MacRae Streets Gallery. This road can clearly be seen on mapping web sites such as

However, on arrival at the turning off of Queens Drive where the map clearly shows Macrae Road should be, I was faced with nothing but a large gate. The map showed that the other end of the road could be accessed from the next turning (Mill Lane), so on I went but another gate awaited my arrival.

The area where Macrae Road is theoretically situated appears to be occupied by the Holly Lodge Girls School. This raises the following question of curiosity:

Does Macrae Road run through the school grounds, or was the school built on the area once formed by Macrae Road?

If anyone can shed any light on this, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Jon McRae.

Query posted by : Jon McRae

26 May 2006 at 16.14
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Jon. I know this is a wee bit late but only just sighned up,so may be telling you what you have since found out non the less God loves a trier.
According to my 1997 street atlas McRae Road runs from just opposite the Ernest Cookson School on Mill Lane & comes out THE UPLANDS. Now for the curious things [a] McRae road is not marked now tho it is still shown running past HOLLY LODGE. [b] There was a McCRAE living in the UPLANDS once upon a time & just a stones thro away in CULME Rd was a family with a connection to the Mcrae's.How do I know ? I have been trying to make contact with possible connections in both this area & other areas of L,pool fer close on 4 year.

Reply posted by : Steuart Holding

9 Nov 2007 at 00.30
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