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Sat 23 March 2019
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A new book has been published by Stirling Council Libraries called "The Battle of Sheriffmuir" by Bill Inglis, based on Eye witness accounts.
I have a copy in front of me and it looks very full and very thorough.
It can be obtained from and
Orders should be directed to:
Carol-Ann Cattigan

Library HQ

Borrowmeadow Road

Springkerse Industrial Estate



Telephone 01786 432385

Please note that orders valued at less than £15.00 must be accompanied by advance payment, as we cannot raise invoices for below this amount. Post and packing should also be included, based on the following chart:

Country Postage per book For every additional book add
United Kingdom £1.30 £0.76
Canada/USA £2.85 £0.76
Australia/New Zealand £3.05 £0.76

If anyone needs help to source this book then contact me at

best wishes
Martin McCrae

Query posted by : Martin McCrae

7 May 2005 at 08.13
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quite comprhensive post... apart from the price of the book?

Reply posted by : Ron MacRae

7 May 2005 at 14.52
Apologies, I did not include the price of the book as was thankfully pointed out - it is £3.50p

Reply posted by : Martin McCrae

7 May 2005 at 21.31
I am interested in the book and was pleased to see the price. How many pages in the book, illustrations?, index?, biblio? etc.
V. Kohler

Reply posted by : V. Kohler

28 Mar 2006 at 21.41
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