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Sun 24 March 2019
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 Genealogy - Ancestors Abroad
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Hello my name is Rod I live in Canada. Mt father was born in Glasgow November 22 or 23, 1926 and raised in Stornoway. His Name was Malcolm John MacRae. I'm sorry to say he passed away last year without ever being able to return to his beloved Highlands If any family cares to share family stories/history and otherwise chat please feel free to contact me. I'm planning a visit to Inverness (dad had a cousin named Donald there) and then Stornoway. Dad has to go home for good now. cyaltr

Query posted by : Roderick MacRae

11 Dec 2008 at 20.18
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Rod, Am most interested in your ancestors. Do you have any info prior to 1926? My McRae family, comes through William McRae and Isabell McKenzie. Their children were born circa 1840s in Kilmorack. Their names are: Margaret, Roderick, Kenneth, Donald, William, Archibald, Alexander, John and Charles. fjmcrae

Reply posted by : Fjmcrae

11 Dec 2008 at 22.00
Thank you for the reply FJMcRae. As you ca nsee we spell our surnames differently. As to your enquiry my father was ,in his terms, a bastard child. One can only imagine the hardships such a child would experience in 1926 Stornoway being the child of an unwed mother. Dad never knew the name of his father so none of my siblings children neices and nephews have any knowledge of that side of the family. Dad told me his mom passed away when he was four and he lost a brother to the war effort. I do know dads grandpa was named Murdo MacRae. Due to the unwed status of my grandmother we have kept and carried the MacRae name with fierce pride.I do know there are folks in the Stornoway vincinity who share very similiar physical characteristics such as eyes and hair. Dad spoke Gaelic as his first language but never tried to teach my sister or myself the language. I speak English, French and Japanese instead.Hope this can narrow it down for you folks and maybe I have provided enough informatipon ot get someone in Stornoway to start ask9ing questions of some oldtimers there so see what more info we can get. Thanks for your time and keep in touch especially now that Christmas is upon us. Merry Christmas and may God bless.

Reply posted by : Roderick MacRae

16 Dec 2008 at 18.35
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