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Thu 24 January 2019
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 Genealogy - Help Needed
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I'm looking to extend my current knowledge on my family tree. My Great x4 Grandparents George & Helen MacRae came to New Zealand with their children in 1842. George's parents are Roderick & Catherine Leslie MacRae, both born & died in Rogart, Sutherlandshire, Scotland. Can
anyone help me futher back than that? I'ld like
to make contact with any MacRaes of N.Z & those who can relate to this line.

Query posted by : Alisha Seymour

30 Nov 2003 at 03.02
The following replies have been posted in response to the above query. They are sorted chronologically according to the time of receipt, with the most recent at the end of the page.

Roderick and Katherine (with a K) appear in Molly Aker's book 'MacRaes to New Zealand' and show George's entire family and a brief history.

Do you have access to this book?

Reply posted by : Jon McRae

31 Dec 2003 at 14.55
My name is Lindsay Squire and I live in Christchurh, I am from this side of the McRae family. My wife and I are going to attend the Clan gathering July 2005. If you wish to make contact ph (03) 3374215 or e-mail

Reply posted by : Lindsay Squire

10 Jun 2004 at 05.36
I see that you also have a helen macrae on info that you have. Could you possibly have info on a helen macrae that married norman mackenzie about 1850. Could my helen some how fit into your research anywhere. They had 8 kids. Duncan, Johan, Donald, Kenneth, Finlay, Johnny, Catherin and Harriet.
Thank you
Bonnie Mackenzie

Reply posted by : Bonnie MacKenzie

30 Jan 2006 at 23.54
I am writing in response to George and Helen Macrae. I might have info that you would like. Please email me at Sincerely, Bonnie

Reply posted by : Bonnie MacKenzie

26 Jul 2006 at 22.26
Hi Alisha,

I just made a post about George and Helen (Ellen) when I came across yours!

If you are still researching this family I would LOVE to hear from you.


Reply posted by : Elaine

27 Sep 2007 at 04.15
Hi Alisha
I'm from the George and Helen line too.
I wonder if you had any luck tracing further back than them? I would love to hear from you.

Reply posted by : Joanne

15 Mar 2009 at 02.59
Hello there Alysha.........

Being a direct descendent of your George/Helen
McRae, I am trying to contact you.
Please contact me e/mail address
Have been trying to contact you for considerable time.
Thanks, Peter D.McRae
Te Awamutu (New Zealand.)

Reply posted by : Peter D.mcrae

19 Apr 2009 at 03.06
Hi Alisha
I googled Matron Jean Macrae and found your message. I had an aunt, Jean Macrae, who was Matron of Loughborough General Hospital. I met her only once in 1955/6. She was my father's sister. His name was Robert. He had a brother Charlie and, I believe, another brother Affleck. I would love to hear from you if there is any family connection between us.

Heather Wakefield

Reply posted by : Heather Wakefield

31 May 2009 at 22.56
I connect directly, descending from
Roderick / Catherine. My Grt Grndparents were
George / Hellen (Ellen).
Have tried contact you for a very long time, but so far had no success.
PLEASE contact me direct via my
e/m address abbymac@
I am sure there is a connection here ! I await your reply with keen anticipation !
Sincerely, Peter D.McRae,
(Te Awamutu, New Zealand.)

Reply posted by : Peter McRae

1 Jun 2009 at 02.41
Hi Alisha and other descendents of George/Helen,

I am also a direct descendent of George through his daughter Isabella. I would love to trace the family back further if anyone has any info. Isabella seems to have been born in North America when George was at the Red River Settlement. I live in England and have only been able to piece together information online. My family are hoping to move to New Zealand in the future so it means a lot to me to discover this part of my ancestry.
My email is if anyone wishes to contact me.

Kind Regards


Reply posted by : Timbo

16 Apr 2011 at 14.09
Hi Alisha, while acknowledging your post is now 13 years old (have just found this page) I am a Great x 3 Grandson of Geo. & Helen, being the great x 2 grandson of their first son, William. I live in Eastbourne (Wellington), NZ...I can add a bit to that lineage if at all helpful? Regards, Carlton McRae

Reply posted by : Carlton McRae

24 Feb 2016 at 01.44
Hi there, my name is Graeme Newton. I am 5th gen from George & Helen (via their son Philip Roderick). I too am interested in tracing back the line, particularly to Eilean Donan Castle, if it is documented. Am living in West Auckland. Many thanks.

Reply posted by : Graeme Newton

15 Jun 2016 at 05.41
Hi Alisha,
I am the greatx3 granddaughter of George & Helen McRae. I live in Christchurch New Zealand and am interested in the family history as you are. I do have some information on the family in a book that was printed some years back called Red River To Blairich.I don't have information pre Roderick and Catherine but would be keen to know if you have got anything.
Many thanks,

Reply posted by : Annie Smith

19 Sep 2017 at 04.37
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