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Thu 24 January 2019
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 Genealogy - Help Needed
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I'm having a hard time tracing my family, I have my great grandfathers name but I don't have his date of birth so it makes it very tough. My great grandfathers name is Fred William MacRae his wife was Eva May MacRae(Gray was the maiden name), his kids were Ronald Ernest McRae born April 6, 1936 - Ronalds wife is Pauline Louise MacRae(Green), Charlie MacRae is another son, Fred MacRae Another son, Walter MacRae(son), Earl William MacRae(son - died September 17, 1944, buried Coriano Ridge War Cemetary, Italy, John MacRae(son), Phylis MacRae(daughter), Marion MacRae(daughter), Kathleen MacRae(daughter), Margorie MacRae(daughter), Bertha MacRae(daughter)

Query posted by : Mike McRae

17 May 2004 at 03.55
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forgot to tell you, LT. Col. John McCrae is a relative somehow but not sure how.

Reply posted by : Mike McRae

17 May 2004 at 04.07
Hi Mike
Do you have any of the children's BC? if so you will get the parents date of marriage, find that marriage cert.and it will give you your gg grandparents ages you can then work out the year of birth, which will narrow down your search a bit.
Which area of Scotland are you looking at also do you have a rough idea of the dates. The next time I am the Scotland's people web site I will have a look for you. In the meantime keep searching.

Frances MacRae

Reply posted by : Ian MacRae

17 May 2004 at 16.22
hello, not sure if you will get this it is almost 2 years from your post i have birthdates for you if you want them. i married a grand daughter of charlie macrae.

Reply posted by : Bryan Enman

26 Jan 2006 at 13.11
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