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Sun 24 March 2019
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 Genealogy - Help Needed
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~a reposting~

good morning-
I'm currently researching when the name changed from MacRae to my family name; Ray, and the apparent connection to Scotland.
So far, I understand (learned at my grandfather's knee...)the Ray's of northwestern North Carolina and eastern Tennessee are derived from the MacRae.
The history I have at this time says William and Catherine came to North Carolina by way of Argyll Scotland. I imagine that was only a departure point. We are not 100% sure that his name was William, especially since there appears to also be a Christopher (and Catherine) in the history.
This issue has pretty much held up any further research.
I would appreciate any light on the subject.
I am:
Richard E. Ray, Jr.
son of
Richard Ray (19 Feb 1932, Banner Elk, NC)
son of
Robert Glenn "Jack" Ray (Jefferson, Ashe County, NC)
son of
Thomas Jefferson Ray (20 July 1872, Bald Mountain, Watauga County, NC)
son of
Larkin Ray (4 Oct 1819, Ashe County, NC)
son of
William Ray (20 Oct 1784, Wilkes County, NC)
son of
Jesse Ray (16 Oct 1760, Amhurst County, VA)
son of
William Ray (1700~1710, probably from Argyll, Scotland)

Query posted by : Richard Ray

28 Jul 2004 at 20.38
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Richard. My name is jeffery Ray. I am originally from eastern Kentucky, now am in Tennesse serving in the U.S. Army, and have recently started to search for my genealogy as well. I cannot answer your question at this time, however, if you find the answer would you (or anyone who knows)care to share it? My email is thank you.

Reply posted by : Jeffery Ray

12 Sep 2004 at 23.33
My family in Australia has wonderful letters from William Reay, supposedly born in Inverness Shire in 1780. The family story is that his family had changed their name from Macrae?

Reply posted by : Jean Rumbold

23 May 2013 at 14.18
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