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Thu 21 March 2019
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 Genealogy - Help Needed
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Looking for help with a middle name, which is 'Robertson'. All our Macrae relatives seem to have been given this middle name, irespective of being male of female. Have searched extensively in Inverness and via Internet for 'James Peter Robertson Macrae' and feel the middle name issue may unlock the rest of the family tree. James married Jessie Whyte in Montreal in 1911, and we know Jessie was in Inverness at in 1914 when htheir first child 'Chrystine Robertson Macrae" was born. Second child 'James' born in 1916. An old letter refers to relatives still living in Inverness in 1958 - is this possibly you. All help appreciated.

Katherine New

Query posted by : Katherine New

21 Sep 2004 at 18.09
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Dear Katherine

I was trying to find out if I still have some relatives in the Aberdeen area and tonight discovered my great-grandmother's niece married one Alexander Robertson McRae in 1921 in Newhills, Aberdeen. I thought a look at the McRae clan site might be a good place to proceed and came across your query. I don't know if we can be of any use to one another but let me know if you'd like to compare notes - I live in Scotland, by the way.

Kind regards.

Vivian Smith

Reply posted by : Vivian Smith

24 Sep 2006 at 21.17
Hi Katherine

I have a James Peter Robertson Macrae in my tree, but not a great deal of info on him.
b. 26 Aug 1887, Contin, Ross & Cromart

Rev James Duncan Macrae, b. Lochcarron, Ross & Cromarty (1852 - 1905, Contin Manse)
Christina Robertson, b. Ballinluig Farm, Abernethy
(1855 - 1933, Dingwall, Ross and Cromarty
Marriage of parents: Mar 29 1883, Beauly, Kilmorack

Peter was informant on the death of his father, but almost no information after that, apart from his death in Buenes Aires, Argentina in 1918. Peter had a sister Catherine MacPherson Macrae, who married a Neil Mackintosh in 1933, and she may still be alive, though in her 70's.

A long shot, but suppose Peter he could have gone to Canada, married and returned to Scotland within your time frame. I have no idea why he would be in Argentina.

If any of this rings a bell with you, can give you a little more. Regards.

Reply posted by : Lindsay Robertson

14 Nov 2007 at 14.47
Hi Lindsay
Have only just seen your kind reply to my original email. Having now done some more research I can confirm that all the people you mention are indeed in our tree. Please feel free to contact me on I'd be really pleased to hear from you.

Reply posted by : Katherine New

26 Dec 2008 at 20.17
Hi - my mother was born Elizabeth Robertson McRae. Her grandmother was Mary Jane Robertson who married Robert Grant McRae in 1900 in Edinburgh.
The middle name Grant also features in our bloodline, which we think comes from when my great, great, great grandfather, Colin McRae married Helen Grant in 1870, again in Edinburgh. Before moving to Edinburgh, the generations before were from Pitsligo, Co. Aberdeen.

Reply posted by : Debbie Walker

10 Jun 2009 at 21.19
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