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Thu 21 March 2019
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 Genealogy - Help Needed
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Greeting to ALL!
My Name is Ian MacRae Nicoll and I have two questions that I would greatly appreciate ANY help with. 1)My Great Grandfather Was Willian MacRae Nicoll, born May 7, 1893 in Dundee. I am planning a trip next year to See Scotland for the first time and would love to find some long lost relatives. So if anybody is out there who can help please do. 2) Since my grandfather came over with the last name Nicoll I was wondering how this relates to The clan Macrae? is it a sub-section or part of the Clan or what? never understood how they fit together because everyone in my family just said we were clan macrae but never explained the Nicoll part. any help on either of these topics would be Awesome, no matter where it comes from ! Thank you so much

Query posted by : Ian MacRae Nicoll

5 Nov 2004 at 17.52
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William Macrae Nicholl appears in the 1901 census.aged 7 His brother aged 5 appears as Charlie Macrae Nicholl but his 2 older brothers Robert Constable and James have only these christian names. His youngest brother is Alexander. His Parents appear as William McKrae Nicholl and Maggie Ann Nicholl. In the 1881 Census they appear as Willian Nicoll 32Yrs and Maggie Nicholl 28yrs son Robert C Nicholl 1yr. The likely hood is that William McKrae Nicholl's mother was a Macrae.Pre mid Victorian times spellings where very variable.

Reply posted by : Iain A MacRae

16 Apr 2011 at 22.56
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