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Sun 24 March 2019
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 Genealogy - Help Needed
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Hi, I'm from a strange sept of the MacRae family called the McCrea, i know that we have a different crest, but i don't know much about my family, can anybody can give me some general information about this sept??


Query posted by : Yan McCrea

28 Apr 2005 at 06.41
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hi, hope i can help you with your grandfather says the mccrea name is the anglo irish version,from when scottish settlers took over irish farmers land during english rule and married local irish woman. thats all the info i have though, so if anyone else has more info??

michelle mccrea

Reply posted by : Michelle McCrea

9 Sep 2005 at 09.49
The spelling McCrea is, generally, that of Scots who went to Ulster - and the more common spelling in Lowland Scotland is McCrae. But, both spellings were, and are, found in Lowland Scotland - and families of that name, including my own, had been there for possibly a thousand years. Many of these were never of the Highlands, but arrived from Ireland and remained in the south. Spellings, however, are varied - and many variations may be found in various places and times.

Reply posted by : John T. McCrea

16 Feb 2006 at 02.19
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