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Thu 21 March 2019
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 Genealogy - Help Needed
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Hi there
Does anyone have the family tree of Duncan Macrae the actor? I have a Macrae relation and think there may be a connection. I would appreciate info on Duncan's Mother and Father's names and his grandfater/mother. Thank you

Query posted by : Janetta Fairbairn

25 Jun 2005 at 02.00
The following replies have been posted in response to the above query. They are sorted chronologically according to the time of receipt, with the most recent at the end of the page.

My name is Ian Macrae.

I presume you are referring to Duncan Macrae the actor who featured in films like The Kidnappers, Tunes of Glory, Whisky Galore, etc. If so, I understand that my father was a cousin of this Duncan and I, too, would be interested in any info you get on him which might also relate to our family.

My father's name was Colin Macrae and he came from a little place called Culkein in north-west Sutherland. We had no contact with Duncan or his family (I believe he had two sons). Apart from the fact that they lived in Glasgow and we were in Edinburgh, my father's family (he had five sisters) were all rather religious, being Free Presbyterians, and did not associate with folk who worked or travelled "on the Sabbath Day".

I have not done any genealogy research myself but I have a brother, Alaister, whose wife has done quite a lot and might be able to give you some of the information you are looking for.

As I say I should be very interested to hear what you have on Duncan's family and if you wish I can probably put you in touch with my brother to compare notes on family ancestry.

Sincerely yours,

Ian Macrae

Reply posted by : Ian MacRae

29 Aug 2005 at 17.53
I am not a Macrar, nor am I related but I was brought up in Culkein and I knew of the Macrae family. i knew about duncan through his aunts, Mary, Anna, chrissie and Shonaid. Mary lived in Culkein with her husband Alec Matheson and they had 12 children. I believe 2 of their grand children live in Culkein ,married with families. One being son of Mary`s daughter Janet Morrison

Reply posted by : Una Rayment

14 Oct 2005 at 23.13
My step-sons are the grandchildren of John Duncan MacRae's brother, I believe, although we do not know this brother's name. I understand he may have had naval connections, either Royal Navy or Merchant Navy, or may otherwise have been a ship's captain or such. We would be very interested in not only this brother of the actor but also the brothers' ancestry and origins. To find that Culkein in Sutherland is the home-place is fascinating in itself - more would be marvelous. Please e-mail

Thank you

Reply posted by : Dave Kelday

2 Mar 2006 at 18.01
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