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Thu 21 March 2019
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 Genealogy - Help Needed
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I am looking for any information I can get regarding my grandparents Arthur Joseph McRae and Isabella (Philip) McRae who lived in Dundee, Scotland. Arthur was born Jan 13 1876 and died sept 2 1958 He possibly came from Ireland. His wife Isabella was born sept 4 1878 and died august 7 1947. They had 14 children whose names were Marjorie, Agnes, Thomas, Arthur, david, william, John, Walter, Annie, James, Charles, Sydney, Andrew and Catherine.
Any help with this line of McRae would be greatly appreciated.

Query posted by : James White

17 Mar 2006 at 13.12
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here is my lineage. if anyone can broaden this id be delighted.
really looking for a link sideways to
**john macrae(mccrae) b.29/9/1893 in tain.**
(my grandfather who died when my father was v. young)

my dad(john)
**john macrae(mccrae) b29/9/1893.**
david mccrae(macrae/mccrie) b.25/1/1865 m mrgt brownlee, kelvin 9/11/1892.
john mccrae (spelling?) b.1838/39 or 40 m janet chalmers, girvan 24/6/1864.
john mccrae (spelling?) b. circa 1815 m agnes galt.
? help required

Reply posted by : Paul

30 Mar 2006 at 12.09
I don't think there is a connection here. Yhe John McRae I reter to in my query was born in 1907


Reply posted by : James White

10 Apr 2006 at 03.41
I am researching a set of WW1 medals to a John Macrae from Dundee he is buried in dundee and i am awaiting on info on the grave i will pass on any information i get to you, the medals i have are to a captain in the merchant navy.And he was NOT killed in the war.


Reply posted by : Dan MacRae

21 Jan 2007 at 23.26
I believe these are my grandparents, my father was William McRae and he died in Leeds, Yorkshire, UK in 1956. I also remember my uncle Walter McRae and have been informed he died in the late 1950s. If I get further information I will email, and of course, am interested to know if you have managed to find further details. Good Hunting. Ann McRae

Reply posted by : Ann Arthey

21 May 2012 at 16.58
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