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Thu 21 March 2019
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 Genealogy - Help Needed
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I realise it’s a long shot but thought I would ask a question of this forum, and apologize for the length of this enquiry. I am seeking any record of Margaret Macrae, who I understand married my relative Daniel Bazalgette in New York. Here is what I know:
Daniel was born in London on 28 Feb 1793 and christened at St George’s (Anglican) Church, Hanover Square on 28 March 1793. According to the family Bible, on Mar 21, 1816: "Daniel Bazalgette took leave of his family to go to New York."
By 1824 they had returned to London and were living at 1, Nottingham Terrace, Regents Park, and were still there in 1828. So it is believed they married sometime between 1816 and 1824 in New York (City probably) and had a daughter, Frances Elizabeth. Daniel became a partner in the firm of Armstrongs and Bazalgettes, who were West India merchants in London.
On Jun 17, 1838 Daniel died of lung cancer at Eastwick House in Evesham, Gloucestershire.
Frances Elizabeth was what at the time would have been called a bluestocking, since her main claim to fame was translating from the German ‘Meditations on the Life and Doctrine of Jesus Christ’, by Nicolas Avancinus, published London, 1875.
After his death, Margaret married Edward Rudge on 13 May 1841 at Marylebone. Margaret died on 3 Sep 1846.
In 1856, Frances Elizabeth was living at Hesketh House, Hesketh Cross, Torquay and died there on Dec 21, 1874.

So I am interested to know if marriage and birth records exist and if there are any relatives or researchers who could place Margaret there at that time, and of course and possible family information about her. Presumably she was a similar age to Daniel but they both died quite young.

Many thanks,
Charles Bazalgette

Query posted by : Chasbaz

18 Jan 2007 at 21.15
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Yes - I know about Margaret McCrea!

You can see where she came from here (she is mentioned in section (IV):

(I) Walter McCrea, of Ballyheather, married Miss McIntyre, who was, of course, also of Scottish lineage. They probably had several children, but there is record of only two sons - James and Walter.

(II) James, a son of Walter McCrea, resided at Ballyheather, and was the father of a son named for himself.

(III) James (2), son of James (1) McCrea, resided at Binally, about three miles east of Ballyheather, where he died in 1804. He married Sarah McCrea, of Ballyheather, his 1st-cousin (the daughter of Walter McCrea and Martha McMorris)
Their children included:
Martha, wife of Daniel Stewart m. 1864. (It is their son, Robert Stewart D. 1867 who inherited Binally from his uncle Robert McCrea.)
Robert married Jane Dunn (no children).
James, mentioned below, moved to Philadelphia and married Hannah Alexander.
Elizabeth, married Andrew Hamilton.
Jane, married her 1st-cousin James McCrea B. 1745 D. 1828, son of John McCrea and Sarah Stevenson, grandson of Walter McCrea and Martha McMorris.
Mary, married John Holmes 1801.

(IV) James (3), son of James (2) and Sarah (McCrea) McCrea, was born 1748, on the estate of Binally (pronounced Bi-nellie), near the town of Dunnamanagh (pronounced Don-e-mana), county Tyrone. In 1776 (more likely 1775) he emigrated to America and settled at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where he soon established himself as a merchant and achieved great success. He built, what was then considered a fine residence at the corner of Front street and Norris' alley (now - 1910- Sansom street), and two small houses facing on the alley for servants' quarters. The residence is still standing, but used as a warehouse. The property has never gone out of the family and is now (1910) in possession of his great-grandson, president of the Pennsylvania railroad.
Mr. McCrea preserved the home ties with his family in Ireland, but was also a loyal citizen of the United States and was honored and respected in Philadelphia, where he died Oct. 7, 1814.
He married, Jan. 8, 1776, Hannah Alexander B. 1750 D. 1798, of Scottish birth, daughter of ____ Alexander, of Auch Mull, Aberdeenshire. (I believe they were married in Philadelphia. Jan 6, 1776 page 497 )
Elizabeth Sarah B. 1779, married John Jackson.
James, died young.
Jane B. 1783, married Joseph Patterson.
Hannah B. 1787 D. 1864, married Dr. John Huston Gordon.
John B. 1789 D. 1865 in Philadelphia married 1812 Mary Pleasants B. 1792 D. 1866.
Margaret B. 1790 D. 1869, married (first) Daniel Bezalgette; (second) Edward Rudge.
James B. 1792 D. 1832 in NY, married Joanna Lawrence.

Lindsay Mead McCrea

Reply posted by : Lindsay Mead McCrea

21 Jun 2016 at 23.37
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