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Thu 21 March 2019
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 Genealogy - Help Needed
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Due to the OPR's recent release I found my Donald Macrae Marriage he came from "SANACHAN" - "Courthill House".
Wife Ann came "Jeanstown". I know both of these places were in Lochcarron. I am trying to find if they are the same couple who are the same recorded "Applecross" in the 1841 census?

Any suggestions would be most welcome


Query posted by : Elizabeth R Savage

31 Jan 2007 at 18.32
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Hi Elizabeth,

Just to let you know Sanachan and Courthill House are two different places within Kishorn. Jeantown is the old name for Lochcarron approximately 7 miles away from Kishorn.

Kishorn is an odd sort of place - there is no actual place called Kishorn it is made up from several small hamlets around loch Kishorn and have been grouped together to become known as Kishorn. The areas are Courthill, Ardarroch, Achintraid, Ardoch and Sanachan. Courthill House was where the landlord of the area resided.

I live in Sanachan and I believe that I actually live in the house where Donald lived. My father was very interested in history and geneology and from memory I believe that the house we live in was actually built by a Donald MacRae. I will go in search of some of his papers to get the correct information. I shall also search for information regarding "your" Ann and Donald.

On inital thoughts it is more than likely that they are the same couple as you came across in the 1841 census - Applecross is approximately 15 miles away.

Jess Callaghan

Reply posted by : Jessmine Callaghan

10 Jan 2009 at 23.26
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