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Sun 24 March 2019
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 Genealogy - Help Needed
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I am seeking to find any descendants of FARQUHAR MCRAE born in 1847 in KIRKHILL,INVERNESS. He married CATHERINE MCLEAN on June 1, 1877 in the St George District of Edinburgh. At the time of his marriage Farquhar was working as a railway brakesman.

I understand that Farquhar had a son name JOHN who was living in Edinburgh in the 1920s.

I am also seeking to find descendants of JOHN MCRAE born in 1853 in KIRKHILL,INVERNESS. John married ANNIE DAWSON on February 15, 1878 in the St George District of Edinburgh. At the time of his marriage he was working as a railway points man elsewhere in Scotland.

Any assistance would be appreciated. Ann

Query posted by : Ann Jordan

4 Feb 2007 at 03.49
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Ann- this is in reply to your recent enquiry about John Macrae The Weaver married to Christy Macrae (ms also) her parents were:FINLAY MACRAE & CATHERINE MACRAE- this info supplied by Tina Glenn Ridell- an incredible genealogist- she will post more on the forum to you- all my best FLORA..........

Reply posted by : Flora MacDonald

13 Feb 2007 at 01.46
My gradfather Donald John MacRae Dawson died young and all I know of him is he migrated to Australia but not when. He was rejected from the AMF, when living in Broken Hill in 1916 due to a heart condition. His marriage notice in Moonta South Australia, stating his parents were Mr and Mrs John MacRae Dawson of Ullapool, Ross Shire, Scotland. Any chance we are related?

Reply posted by : Pam Dawson Ausralia

30 Mar 2010 at 23.40

Hi Pam

I haven't worked out how to respond to you so am just posting a listing.

As far as I know there is no connection but you never know. If you have picked my listing up because of the Dawson connection. My listing details are John McRae born 1853 in Kirkhill, Inverness married Annie Dawson on February 15 in Edinburgh. Annie's parents were Donald Dawson and Christina Ross.

John and Annie, I think had only one child - Christina born in 1886 in Beith Ayrshire. I think Annie may have died young as there are a couple of census listings for Christina and John but Annie is not in them.

Have you got your grandfather's death certificate?

I've just had a quick look on Scotland's People for listings for Donald Dawson. There are nine born between 1870 and 1900. The closest I can see is John Donald Dawson born in Dunfermline Fife in 1885 which would make him 30 at the start of WWI which sort of makes sense considering he had to get to Australia etc.

I haven't looked at the actual registeration page which you could do: www.

The National Archives of Australia in Canberra has all the immigration/ship listings for people entering Australia.

The Archives may be able to help you find out when he arrived. I found a missing aunt when I searched their listings.

If by chance you are in Adelaide, you might be able to phone the Adelaide Archives office...which was going to be closed down but survived the chop.

If you want to put your email address on this site, I'll scan the page from Scotlands People and email it direct to you.

Hope this helps.



Reply posted by : Ann Jordan

31 Mar 2010 at 01.33
This is a note for Flora MacDonald who responded to this request. Could you please tell me what the reference source was for Finlay and Catherine Macrae who were the parents of Christy Macrae who married John the Wool Weaver of Bundalloch. I can not find any reference on Scotland's people to their marrying nor having a daughter named Christy or Christian.

Thank you

Ann Jordan

Reply posted by : Ann Jordan

18 May 2017 at 22.08
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