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Thu 24 January 2019
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 Genealogy - Help Needed
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I'm looking for some clarification into my family name. i see that one of the septs of the clan Macrae is Raith, i'm wondering if the spelling of my surname (Wraith) is included in this ?

any help would be most welcome.

many thanks

Stuart Wraith.

Query posted by : Stuart Wraith

21 Oct 2003 at 17.19
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Hi! Stuart,

In reply to your question. On looking up the list of clans and septs called Tartans for us I cannot find anywhere where the name Raith or Wraith as being a sept of Clan McRae. The tartan for Raith is called the Ayrshire District Tartan not a McRae Tartan. I found no name for Wraith in this list so it is not a clan or a sept of one.
Sue Catterall

Reply posted by : Sue Catterall

31 Jul 2005 at 12.05
Hello Stuart again,

When answering your question re Raith I had looked into the Tartans for Me book list and under Raith it does not mention McRae but when you look up MacRaith it does say MacRae. Mac meaning son of Raith. You would under this name be a sept of Clan MacRae. MacWraith is the same. It is a sept of Clan MacRae but I could find nothing under Wraith.
Sue Catterall

Reply posted by : Sue Catterall

31 Jul 2005 at 21.50
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