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Thu 13 December 2018
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 Genealogy - Odds 'n' Ends
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Good evening one and all,

Can somebody please explain to me why there are so many different spellings of the name Macrae. I have always corrected people who I thought had spelt my name wrong either with a large R in the middle or missing out the first a.

What are the differences and why?

Hope I've put this in the right section.

Really pleased to have found this website.

Query posted by : Simon MacRae

11 Feb 2006 at 23.42
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not sure on this but i think its down to poor spelling or illegible writing down the ages.

ive just started out tracing the family tree.
my grandfather died when my dad was only about 8 and we have no links to any of his relatives.
when i started looking (with help, thanx frances)
ive come across mccrie, macrae and as we've always known it McCrae.
after looking at some birth/marriage/death certs. its pretty obvious how mistakes or mis-spellings have taken place.
hope this is of some help. whether it is the actual cause or not is open to question.
bye 4 now.

Reply posted by : Paul

30 Mar 2006 at 11.50
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