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Sun 24 March 2019
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 Genealogy - Old Parish Records
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I am descendant from George McRae, born 22 Jan 1859, Skene, Aberdeen & Ann Lawson Black, born Jun 1851, Fetterosso, Kincardine. I know of three children from that marriage: Thomas Leckie Black McRae ,born 07 Apr 1885 (my Grandfather), George McRae, and Margaret McRae(whom I met in Aberdeen in 1970 with her husband).All three appear to have been born in Aberdeen. I have traced the ancestry of Ann back a couple of generations, but have had no luck with either of the George's. Margaret was childless. Family lore is that my grandfather was born in the toll house on Cairngorm Road at the bridge over the River Dee. I visited that house in 1970, and the story was corroborated by Aunt Margaret. I would appreciate any help in tracing the ancestors of my Great Grandfather George, and the fate of his son George. Also would like Information on My Grandfather's emigration to Canada before WWI. He passed away in Los Angeles, California 26 Mar 1951.

Query posted by : Murray Wagnon

7 Apr 2006 at 23.14
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Hello Murray

There is a birth on the Scotlandspeople web site for a George McRea (note the spelling) in The Parish of Skene 1859 his parents are given as George McRea and Jane Milne .Might be worth a look.

Frances MacRae

Reply posted by : Ian MacRae

10 Apr 2007 at 08.49
Hi, My name is Fiona McRae, still living in Aberdeenshire, and curios to know which family of McRaes you belong to, as my family also originated from Kincardine.... Do you ever log onto the Genes reunited? My McRae line is on there, but I'd love to know if we have a link! My Grandfather and G Grandfather and GG Grandfather were all James McRae. I have always wondered why we came from the East coast of Scotland, and wondered if after Sheriffmuir we all scattered and found our way northwards.

Reply posted by : Fiona McRae

14 Sep 2007 at 18.33
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