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Thu 21 March 2019
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 Genealogy - Statutory Records
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Statutory records began in Scotland in 1855. These are held by the General Register Office for Scotland and encompass births, marriages and deaths.

The GRO website at affords access to these records together with the 1881, 1891 and 1901 Census. Registered users can search for and obtain digital images of these records. Access is charged at £6.00 for 30 credits and limited to 48 hours. Used wisely, you can get five records for your credits, which represents good value.

However, the system is not without its faults and searching can often be difficult. Please share any tips you have for making best use of this on-line facility.

Query posted by : Clan Macrae Society

27 Jul 2003 at 21.31
The following replies have been posted in response to the above query. They are sorted chronologically according to the time of receipt, with the most recent at the end of the page.
You can see how many results your search will return without spending a credit, so adjust your search critera to get the maximum number of records returned before you actually use one.

Reply posted by : Jon McRae

13 Aug 2003 at 23.44
There have been updates to this site.
Census from 1901 back to include 1851 are now searchable.
Extra years are searchable for Birth, marriage and death dates.
Credits are now active for 7 days, they do not expire but after the seven days one must buy more to start using the facility again.

Reply posted by : Tina Glen-riddell

8 Apr 2006 at 16.09
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