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Sat 23 March 2019
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 Genealogy - Help Offered
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Hi,I am a new user to the site and the forum.I am thinking of looking in to my family line and need some advise as to where to start.
My name is Iain Stewart McRae, my father was Thomas McGhie McRae,1927-1989 from Hamilton,Scotland but lived in Uddingston.His father was Roderick Deans McRae from Hamilton who died late 1970's.
Beyond that I seem to hitting a brick wall.
I am keen to find out more and would be grateful for any advise and more than willing to help others in any way I can.
Best regards
Iain McRae

Query posted by : Iain Stewart McRae

15 Sep 2003 at 16.21
The following replies have been posted in response to the above query. They are sorted chronologically according to the time of receipt, with the most recent at the end of the page.
Your next step is straightforward. You need to obtain your grandfather's birth, marriage or death certificate. This will contain his parents' names. His marriage certificate would be best as this will also contain your grandmother's parents' names. If the originals aren't stored in a box in a relative's attic, you can go on-line and search for it at, provided that the marriage was before 1927.

Armed with your great-grandparents' names, you may find that that you can find them in the free index at or or you can continue searching at Scotlands' People. This costs £6.00 for 30 credits for 48 hours. If you use the index intelligently, you can get five certificates for your £6.00, which is pretty good.

I have the 1881 Scottish Census on CD and am happy to do look-ups.

Reply posted by : Alan Davidson

15 Sep 2003 at 20.08

The Clan MacRae Society has just started up it's Genealogical Index to develop a definitive database of MacRae names.

You have to be a member of the Society to use the service (joining details on this web site under Membership), but seeing as you are at an early stage of your research, it may prove to be a useful resource.

E-mail for more information.

Jon McRae

Reply posted by : Jon McRae

21 Sep 2003 at 14.38

My name is Roderick Dean McRae my Grandfather was also of the same name and lived at Mary Street Hamilton and died in the late 70s.
My brother is Iain McRae and my father was William who had a brother Thomas who lived in Uddingston married to Laura.
My Uncle Tom was a salesman and spent time in the second world war in the navy.
After the war and before marrying he lived with his two aunts at "Crathie" Lilybank Street Hamilton.

Anything further please do not hesitate to ask.

Kind Regards

Rod McRae

Reply posted by : Roderick McRae

9 Oct 2004 at 12.07
Hello, Iain, I found your thread above while researching on the Internet. I am trying to find out about a Roderick McRae , an Illustrator who produced some great drawings for a 1929/1930 8 volume work on the arabian nights. About 15-18 illustrations in all.I can find nothing about him and wondered if per chance you knew anything or anyone who might know about him and what else he might have worked on.
Thanks so much
Patrick Meade

Reply posted by : Patrick Meade

16 Aug 2006 at 01.57
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