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Sun 24 March 2019
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Hey everyone. I just started looking up informatiom of my family history. Can someone tell me how to find info on my great grandparents (many times over)? Their names are Sarah MacRae and Charles Winchester Smith. I would like to find as much as I can so my kids know their family history.

Thanks for your help if you can.

Billy Smith

Query posted by : Billy Smith

1 Nov 2009 at 20.05
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Hi Billy,
hope you get this message... I'm your cousin in Canada. My Dad was John "Jack" smith - was your father Douglas? or was that your grandfather?
either way.. please contact me ;)

Reply posted by : Susan-jillian Smith

30 Apr 2011 at 00.26
How are you? I have heard that name before but I'm not sure how far out. No, he's not my father. My Aunt had done a lot of research of that side of the family. I have writing from her and a bunch of photos. Do you know those names I mentioned? My grandfather's name was Thurman Winchester Smith. My mom said that the family had owned the the castle but it went to another in the blood line.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Reply posted by : Billy Smith

30 Apr 2011 at 01.58
Hi Billy,

Hope you are still keeping an eye on this site :) Greetings from a distant cousin.

I am defitinitely of the same SMITH line. Was the aunt you mentioned a Betty Smith born in 1913? She was the daughter of Charles Winchester SMITH. She was also first cousins with my grandfather George.

Look forward to making contact as I do have more info to pass on.

Karen Murray

Reply posted by : Karen Murray

17 Feb 2012 at 09.49
Thanks for replying and nice to know there's family out there :) I'm not sure when my Aunt Betty was born. I know she had been to the Eilean Donan Castle. Her first name was Elizabeth and lived in New York City. I have old photos of the past that I'm not sure who they are. There was rumor that my mom was next in line to inherent the castle but it went off the blood line (it's what I can remember...I was a kid then). Any information would be great! I will check back often.

Best Regards,
Billy Smith

Reply posted by : Billy Smith

20 Feb 2012 at 04.19
I believe you're right, that was my great grandfather (CWS) and Aunt Betty was my grandfather's sister or something of the like. Both Aunt Betty and my mom have pasted on, so my memory is a bit foggy. I will try to get the stuff I got from my Aunt and see if you know any of it.


Reply posted by : Billy Smith

20 Feb 2012 at 04.31
Hi Billy,

Mum was told something similar through her grandfather Daniel SMITH who was a nephew your great grandfather Charles. Daniel said that we were descendants of the Eilean Donan MacRaes. Haven't found how we are connected as stuck at Sarah MacRae's father Findlay who was a "Schoolmaster in Cromarty" at the time of her marriage in 1845 to John SMITH (not Charles Winchester as we were also told).

My email is This was we can exchange more info. Look forward to hearing from you.


Reply posted by : Karen Murray

20 Feb 2012 at 06.30

I tried to send an email to your address but no success. My account couldn't see you address. You can email me at Sorry for not posting sooner, my job has me working an odd shift.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Reply posted by : Billy Smith

5 Mar 2012 at 21.58
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