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Thu 21 March 2019
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The following is the contents of a post from 2009, which I found Rootschat some weeks ago. I have contacted the person who made the post, but have not heard back as yet and was wondering if anyone could prove/disprove the truth of the claim.

"Charles McRae head of clan McRae in Scotland at the time of Bonnie Prince Charlie was meant to have fled Scotland for Ireland (changing his name to Glasgo) following the famous battle of Culloden Moore. He was then to have married an Irish girl who bore him a son. Charles Glasgo then by name died. The Scots wanting an heir to the clan offered that they should take the boy and raise him as the head of the clan with all the wealth and title. She refused and elected to raise him herself in the Catholic faith and forgo all wealth.

His grandson was Thomas Glasgo whose grandson Charles Glasgow (aged 40 a gardener) immigrated to Australia in 1840 on the Elphinstone with his wife Julia and children John, Thomas, Anne, Daniel and James".

I am also from Australia and Daniel Glasgow, Charles Glasgow's son, was my great great grandfather. I also read this story in a family history which my father was given by a family member over 20 years ago. My father passed away 11 years ago and this document was not in his belongings and I have been trying to find a copy ever since.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.



Query posted by : Karyn

9 Jan 2013 at 20.11
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Sorry, though there are ancient arms on record, for the last 6 hundred years no such thing as a chief of clan Macrae has existed. Nor is there today despite claims by various people over time. There are however various families within the clan each of whom would have there own family head.The Mackenzie Chief to whome the Macraes owed allegance did not participate in the 45 rebellion but some Macraes, none of whome subsequently returned home to Kiltail did. Charles was not a common Macrae name at that time but perhaps a total rename was thought in order.
If you have contact with a male of your lineage DNA testing to 37 or more markers should be decisive. As those tested who can trace back to the leading families all fall in the Dalriada group.



Reply posted by : Alasdair MacRae

12 Jan 2013 at 23.25
Hello Alex

Thank you for your reply and the information you provided. Ancestors make it very difficult for us when they start changing names!



Reply posted by : Karyn

13 Jan 2013 at 18.58
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