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Tue 19 March 2019
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Can someone direct me to a good source on the history of Kintail at the time of the Scottish Clearances. Much of what I know is from the history of the MacKenzies and they speak highly of the much loved chief Earl of Seaforth. However, because of financial difficulties at the death of Francis the estates in Kintail were sold off in 1815. Not long after that McRae’s started showing up every where including my ancestors in Canada in 1819. Who bought the Mackenzie estates? How were they cleared? How many emigrated after 1815? Is there any good reference material on this period of Kintail’s history?
The following is copied from a Mackenzie web site.
The Chiefship and estate passed to his cousin Colonel Thomas Mackenzie, the great grandson of the 3rd Earl. Shortly afterwards, he was killed commanding the Bombay army in India, at the battle of Cheriah. His younger brother, Francis, succeeded him, only to have all his sons die before him and to dispose of much of the Mackenzie land before he himself, the last male descendant of the Mackenzies of Kintail, died in 1815.

Stuart McRae

Query posted by : Stuart McRae

16 Oct 2007 at 00.25
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Here is my line
Delbert McCray, Arthur USA,Harley, Usa,John Harriso McCray USA,John Brown McCray USA,Sam
McCray North Ulster.James Mccray Edinburough,
John McCray Kintail Castle Farqurar Kintail Casle ,Duncan Mccray kintail castle

James had a brother Robert and a brother Sam, sons of (Robert,James,Sam son of James and james brother Sam came to Usa in the 1700's made their home at Erie Pa .USA

John McCray Laired of Of Kentail.Sam was Earl of Kintail. McCrays were body guards for King James of Scotland before Translation oF Bible and before James was King Of England I am told.

Reply posted by : Delbert McCray

22 Mar 2010 at 02.07
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